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  • MY Collections and Equipment

    A Few People have asked me to post these so here ya go :-)

    My Collections :-)

    Stereo All RCA Pro Series 500watt THX amp/Reciever 100+1 CD/Duel Soft Touch Cassette Theres 60 more recorded Videos Under The Stero Plus My CD case But Its messy :-)

    TV and Speakers 5 speaker System The Tower Speakers are Fisher 250 watt speakers with a 2" tweaters 5" Mid range and 15" subs The soround speakers are Sony 3 Piece 2 Rears and a Center Also the Long door to the right of the TV Holds 120 Videos I have recorded With atleast three Movies Per tape There Also a PS2 with 10 games Underneath the TV The Night Stand Has Five remotes that Run the Entertianment Center LOL.

    KISS Creatures Stage $60

    More KISS Collectable's

    DVD top/5 Disk Sony CD play Underneath the DVD Below that Cable and RCA VCR

    KISS Wall Masks posters and extra Creatures Dolls set with extra Gene Doll Also KISS Condoms and KISS Inscence :-)

    Large GENE Dolls Alive/ Lovegun and Creatures Earas And DVD Collection row 1

    Dressed To Kill Fist Buddie's and DVD Row 2

    Videos Store Bought All VHS and DVDs are Logged into Books and Have Numberd lables All shelves run 2 Deep of Vides Upright Standing...Theres 57 KISS Videos and Bootlegs Below these

    PC Tower Nothing special and no the Audiogy Box dosent work I replaced it with a SB Live 2 years ago.

    19' Monitor/ Phone/ Scanner/ Logitec Wingman Extreme Joystick Also Game disks in Rack and some assorted game Boxes I own like 120 Games all in The cases Far right

    Logitech Web Keyboard and Microsoft MX310 Optical mouse No Pad :-)

    Oh by the way my dressor is in my closet to the right of the PC desk... All total I have Probly spent $500,000 On Collections and still growing LOL

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    Re: MY Collections and Equipment

    someone likes Kiss :P


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      Re: MY Collections and Equipment

      Holy freakin Kiss fetish Batman!


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        Re: MY Collections and Equipment

        LMAO Yep been a KISS fan since I was 8 years old.......


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          Re: MY Collections and Equipment

          Originally posted by Widowmaker
          All total I have Probly spent $500,000 On Collections and still growing LOL[/b]
          Jesus! Where do you work? If you could liquidate that right now, you could probably find a way to invest that half mil at 10% which would pay you $50,000 a year! You'd never have to work again and could spend all your time actually stalking the band!
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            Re: MY Collections and Equipment


            Umm I'm torn between funny and freaky :icon16:


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              Re: MY Collections and Equipment

              Well concidering I know ACE Frehely personally and I'm Email Buds with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick Stalking them realy isnt nesscesarry LOL. As far as worth KISS Fans don't collect for the worth we collect For the love of the Band and its Music KISS fans are Probly the Most die Hard you'll ever Meet and either you get KISS or you dont theres no In between..... And really I dont have that much KISS stuff I know fans that have Nothing But KISS stuff In there House and Have Entire rooms filled with stuff One friend spends and average of $30,000 a year on KISS merchendise I'm Mild compared to them trust me.

              And as far as work. Lets put it this way I'm really good at finding deals and I have never Payed more then a third of the base price on any KISS Item I own. Spencers Gifts is My Main store and there discounts rock. The 3 Gene statues Total were $40 They start at $39.99 a Pop thats just an example.

              TO realy awnser the work Question Cing is I'm disabled I hurt my back six years ago and have not gone back since I also have Syatica and Diabeaties as well as Bad colesterol I doo what I can :-)
              Taking Care of My Mom /The Apartment and My Truck /Cat and Girlfriend Keeps me Buisy trust me. Mom has a Mussle disease so I do all the Bills and Food Shopping and all the arron Driving Plus I run my site and hang out here at TG. I also do PC work for friends and I help at the Local Food Bank for the Homeless for Extra cash and Food supplys :-)

              I Probly Only By a KISS Item 10 times a year maybe.......

              Oh and to ad to the KISS thing I have ACE's Portrate On My Right Forarm. Tattoo Pic is from their Video game NightmareChild Available Only for the PC :-)
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