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  • TG GRAW2 server screens...

    A few of us got together for some GRAW2 co-op... the game could be and should be better, glad to see members using basic tactics and teamwork still... (I was getting scared a little there, lol)...

    Anyway, here's some screens from todays co-op session...

    Preparing to move out:

    203 out:

    Sneaking up on enemy tank, while a teammate keeps him busy:

    I'm in his blind spot...sweet:


    New objective:

    Gettin sum:


    Covering the approach:

    Bounding overwatch:

    VegaBond hits a tank from high ground:

    Lorax the sniper:

    VegaBond with another hit:

    Shooting the enemy as they fast rope in:

    SAW gunner covering the approach:

    Covering the high team:

    Taken the high ground:

    New mission, A bridge to far, we died ALOT here:

    Guess night vision gets worst in the future:

    enemy down, flashlight still on... dumb:

    Eating away at the bridge:

    Covering the guys as they clear, then set the charges... I get sniped seconds before detonation:

    the end
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    Re: TG GRAW2 server screens...

    Awesome picture set. great work guys!

    but why do you feel it is dumb that a flashlight remains on after a person who was just holding it got shot?

    Should the flashlight turn itself off?

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      Re: TG GRAW2 server screens...

      why would you be walking on combat patrol with a flashlight ON, it's for building clearing...and usually you use a pressure button that you control in quick flashes with your finger... but yes, I know it's just a game issue.
      Magnum |TG-18th|

      We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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        Re: TG GRAW2 server screens...

        Thanks for sharing these screenshots, Magnum50. This afternoon’s session was a lot of fun. GRAW 2 is not a perfect game and has its issues, but still has some great geamplay and a title that requires the use of tactics and teamwork. I hope a few members enjoy these glimpses enough to consider adding it to their gaming arsenal.


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          Re: TG GRAW2 server screens...

          Excellent time today


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            Re: TG GRAW2 server screens...

            Those were fun rounds. I'm glad you didn't get a screenshot of the sniper taking the three of us out seconds after this one was taken:

            The sniper was in the tower directly over our head, couldn't see him on our approach at all and we assumed he was down already.

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              Re: TG GRAW2 server screens...

              AWSOME!!!!! Im ganna be buying GRAW hopefully sometime soon

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