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  • CoH: OF screens...

    I don't want to ruin the game or campaign for anyone still looking to get the just released add-on to Company of Heroes... so just sharing whats new, and the 2 new tutorials for the game...

    here's the info:
    The next chapter in the #1 rated RTS franchise thrusts players into a hellish war torn landscape to command two battle-hardened armies in relentless campaigns for honor and country. Players lead the tenacious British 2nd Army during the heroic World War II liberation of Caen, France, and command the German Panzer Elite as they struggle to repel the largest airborne invasion in history.

    ESRB Content Descriptor: Rated M for Blood and Gore, Strong Language, and Violence. Game Experience May Change During Online Play.

    Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Features

    Two New Armies: Play as the British 2nd Army or German Panzer Elite, each with devastating command tree options and unit upgrades.
    Two Full Campaigns: Command the British 2nd Army to liberate the key strategic position of Caen, France. Control the German Panzer Elite to repel the Allied airborne invasion in Operation Market Garden.
    Real War, Real Battlefields, Real War Enhanced: Mission Persistence, Dynamic Weather Effects, Enhanced Vehicle Tactics and more deliver a new level of realism and all new battlefield tactics.
    All New Multiplayer Modes: Combine Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts with the original Company of Heroes for a total of four playable armies online. Join British artillery with American armor to dominate the 3rd Reich or utilize Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite blitzkrieg tactics to annihilate the Allied invasion.
    DirectX 10 Support: The highest rated RTS franchise features enhanced lighting effects and terrain details setting new standards in visual realism.
    My screens from the tutorials...

    Intro screen:

    Game Lobby:

    2 new tutorials explaining the new units/features:

    2nd British Army:

    It's all about officers with troops preforming better:

    link to the officer to maintain leader range/bonuses:

    just some small action with the LT, leading from... oh? the rear:

    Mobile headquarters for the British:

    Building slits, we call them trenches:

    calling in Glider Commandos... pretty cool:

    Glider crashing in:

    Commandos deploy:

    Now for the Germans, it's all about vehicles for them:

    get some:

    Incendiary Mortars, sweet:

    Munitions half-track allow for faster mortar fire:

    burn baby burn:

    smoke em out:

    Scout car capturing a point:

    Calling in Snubby for support:

    bodies in the air:

    Calling in Air Support:

    the end...

    For someone thats never been a big fan of click fest RTS games, I am sure loving both World in Conflict, and CoH: Opposing Fronts... still fast paced, click fest...but manageable and fun. not to mention the audio and video are fantastic... still wish for a little more realism in the tactics and distance thou... tanks engaging each other 10 yards apart, not realistic or very tactical... but still fun, and GREAT MP modes.
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    Re: CoH: OF screens...

    Looks pretty sweet, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to get it in the near future.
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      Re: CoH: OF screens...

      I'd like to add they added 1 4v4 map, 2 3v3 maps, 3 2v2 maps and 4 1v1 maps in the expansion and adjusted a lot of the old maps. Semois has had the high munitions and the low fuel's switched.

      Anyway, of the new maps, 3 of the new 1v1 maps I enjoy very much. 2 of the 2v2 maps are excellent, with the map named Wolfheze or something like that being without question the best 2v2 map I have yet seen for CoH. Wolf is essentially the exact opposite of the type of CoH map where you might have a 2v2 or a 3v3 going on, but in reality it's 2 1v1's or 3 1v1's going on at once.




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