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2 more World in Conflict videos...

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  • 2 more World in Conflict videos...

    Say what you will about World in Conflict being a fast paced click fest, I agree, but it is fun as hell... I play multiplayer just to save the replays and watch the action that you miss while playing... incredible stuff, and incredible detail.

    I do wish they would add more replay tools like pause, forward and backwards, and maybe set camera's... and the ability to follow more then just your units but all of them... anyway...

    The first video is from a stationary point watching a hotly contested piece of real estate... count how much stuff you can see in this one video... chemical agents, artillery strikes, napalm, daisy's, scatter munitions that blow the whole platoon of infantry over, the building crumbling in the background because it has enemy units in it...ect ect...

    Fire & Ice:

    then this video showing the frontline view of my armor units, those poor bastards, I just know they want a better leader, but there not getting one...

    War is hell:

    Recommend you right click and save as for stutter free viewing, and crank up those speakers... lol
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    Re: 2 more World in Conflict videos...

    Very nice.




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