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  • WiC: Mach 4 video...

    OK, this started when I played in a game from start to finish on the team against TG and noticed how the terrain and environment got deformed, and all the action that occurred over one small town and some farm fields, and how 4 nukes were dropped in this one game, which I think sure looks cool but drives me nuts how everyone is nuke happy and always begging for points for another nuke, frankly I wish we could turn them off... but anyway...

    I wanted to see if I could speed up one spot 4 times and how the video would look, so this is really a video editing lesson for me, it looks cool but I need to do something about the fast paced sound, maybe I should of put a sound track in it or something, I don't I said still learning...

    Anyway, I call this Mach 4 because it's speed is 4x and has 4 nukes... but still a video editing learning video... recommend you right click and save as for stutterfree viewing:


    BTW, it starts off a little slow, but quickly moves to the action about half way of the 5 min video (20 min game).
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    Re: WiC: Mach 4 video...

    Heh..GREAT!! The Helo's like like a swarm of Dragonflies or hummingbirds... Funny when the AA chases them around... and the Cray ARTY looks worse at 4x then in real time...
    But you gotta love the smoke effects ...very cool..!
    I was thinking Flight of the Valkyrie as a nice sound track...
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