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WiC screens from last night...

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  • WiC screens from last night...

    Played a few games with a few members of Tactical Gamer last night, nothing like playing a game with tactics and teamwork, lol...

    Here's a few shots from last night...

    My Cobra's cover the front line behind a hill:

    Sunset view:

    Taking out some enemy choppers with my Sidewinders:

    New mission, my anti-air units move to position:

    Run into some enemy tanks, run away, run away:

    Preparing to fire:

    Rockets away:

    Mortar units:

    Enemy tank firing:

    Little A10 support:

    Carpet bombing:

    New mission, I'm infantry:

    column formation, skirting the wood-line:

    I hide my troops in the woods, then we burn:

    I started with 8 squads, 1 lives through the napalm attack:

    I send them in to capture and hold the Radar dish:


    The enemy takes back the dish:

    Nothing a little napalm won't fix:

    My gun vehicles:

    He hates that dish!

    damn napalm and gas at the same time, cold, very cold:

    What would WiC be without a nuke, or two, or three, or four:

    the end
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    Re: WiC screens from last night...

    I really like the screens you take...from that level... I rarely see the game that close..but it's great.....
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