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Infantry Platoon, Life and Death...

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  • Infantry Platoon, Life and Death...

    I suck at the infantry role in World in Conflict, but if "recommended" I'll do my part and jump in the role...

    Here, according to Magnum, is a day in the life and death of a Infantry Platoon in World in conflict.


    Basically... run, fry, run, burn, run, explode, run, die... lol
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Infantry Platoon, Life and Death...

    Enjoyed the video. How do you get the video to move with your men like that?

    Suggestions on improvement: Let me preface this by saying that the angles you chose in many cases prevented us from being able to determine the type of threat you were facing. So it's difficult to give you fully constructive feedback without taking some real intuitive leaps.

    It looks like when your guys were napalmed, your guys were in a box formation rather then a line. It will be impossible to hit all your troops if they are in a line as opposed to the box.

    I suggest mixing up the guys so you have traditional soldiers along with AT's. This will allow you to overcome just about anything. Use the GL's that the soldiers have to put a hurt on fellow infantry, especially if they are out of sight (woods).

    For initial pushes, I do use trucks to get a couple infantry guys to a point quickly and force the remainder to sprint. This strategy may change based on how close the flags are to my spawn point and success or failure on that first push.

    The last one is that on that particular map, infantry seems to be most effective in the middle of town even though I see quite a few infantry attempts at both far east and west ends. Everytime I have played that map, the armor seems to have a real advantage, especially on that east side.

    Lucky Shot


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      Re: Infantry Platoon, Life and Death...

      A very nice video. And Lucky Shot, if you double right click on the unit icon down in your UI the camera will lock onto that unit.

      Everything Lucky said is right on the mark as how to improve with infantry. Antoher thing I noticed is that all your infantry squads were way to close together. I've found that when you fan out instead of a straight line, especially when approaching an enemy position, it's much more effective since enemy artillery and TA cannot possibly hit all of you at once (as in what happened in that napalm strike in the video) and if you do not move everyone in a clump, it becomes much harder for the enemy to predict your movement and thus place TA. Looking at that napalm again, I can see why it hit perfectly on top of you, I'm not sure if you were or not, but it definitely looked like you were headed for those tress for cover. Since you had all your infantry moving as one, it would have been very easy for the enemy to tell where you were headed and time it perfectly.

      Aside from that Lucky Shot pretty much covered everything, use trucks (at least a couple as a ferry sort of system), and make sure you have some normal infantry (they can hurt anything, Tanks, Copters, enemy infantry, AT infantry only has one rifleman and if he is killed your defenseless against enemy infantry.)




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