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new system, new steel beasts pro pe screens...

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  • new system, new steel beasts pro pe screens...

    You know it's kinda funny... I buy this new state of the art PC supporting Vista and Direct X 10... I go out and buy both CRYSIS and GEARS OF WAR to check out the new system specs and direct X10... no doubt about it, both games look great, but neither are that fun too me...

    Then I installed Steel Beasts Pro PE, cranked all three graphic levels to 100%, playing at 1600x1200x32... and thou it's no new direct X 10 game... this baby still looks SWEET, (and I haven't even added all the excellent graphic mods yet), but better then looks... the gameplay... even sweeter... goes to show it doesn't HAVE to be state of the art, all pretty and all, just needs to play right... and getting 50 to 60 fps at the above settings... even sweeter...

    Here's a few default skin screens, nothing fancy, but I love them, just because there mine, lol...

    Line formation:

    Look Ma, no jaggies:

    All dead sir:

    Enemy artillery inbound:

    Just look at that view distance:

    No grass growing in front of your eyes with this machine:

    The LEO main gun is smooth too:

    I got him, he got me, difference is... I lived:

    Popping smoke:

    Enemy helicopter 2 o'clock:

    Enemy helicopter down, and yes thats HIS missile coming in on me:

    all screens re-sized to 800x600x32... man is this sim a beauty.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: new system, new steel beasts pro pe screens...

    Steel Beasts Pro PE is great, eh? I bought it in Iraq after reading about it in the sim-column of PC Gamer.

    Threw this quick video together to show Magnum's pictures in motion. It's the "demonstration" mission. Not quite realistic in terms of the tactics, but it gives you an idea of how intense the game can be.





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