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some screens from the new VBS2 update...

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  • some screens from the new VBS2 update...

    Here's a few screens from the newest VBS2 update... yes i know most visitors here couldn't or wouldn't buy VBS2 for it's price... just sharing these as usual to see what maybe (but no guarantee) of what future products/games may maybe ArmA2 or 3 or 4... lol

    New specialty units:

    Dragging your injured partner out of a fire fight:

    Bomb detection dog and EOD agents:
    (and yes the dog will bark when he has contact with an explosives)

    New vehicles and weapon platforms:

    Members of the press, need a camera man thou:

    Detailed, working cockpits, and a new flight model (can choice from more relaxed flight, to more realistic type flight handling (realistic for this sim/game, not like a study sim):

    New prison compound map:

    And Porto island (from QG ArmA add-on):

    Working ramps:

    PLEASE NOTE: I do not work for BI Studios, I may be wrong with some of this information, it's based on playtime and the read me. There is still no guarantee that we will ever see some of this stuff in a computer gamer version of this "training simulation".

    Thanks to Monk for some of the screens, the others are mine.
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    Re: some screens from the new VBS2 update...

    Sweet! I will one day own this!




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