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  • VBS2 AAR tool...

    Alot of members ask me why I bought VBS2, and if it's worth it? The answer to the second question is NO... not to the average gamer, but is it worth it for me, Yes... it's not a need, but a want... I wanted it, and got it...

    Once of the main reasons I got it is because of the built in after action review tool, nothing more satisfying then after playing a great mission with some great mates (most of who I play VBS2 with is Australians, lol), is to watch it in detail, learn from it...tactics and teamwork... and brag about a kill you got...

    Well heres a few screenshots from the AAR tool of VBS2:

    Bullet cam:

    2D or 3D views:

    Ya, for me... it was worth it. ;)

    Wouldn't this tool be great for ArmA... but don't count on ever seeing that in game. lol
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    Re: VBS2 AAR tool...

    I really like the stats like "Rounds Fired" Enemy Wounded etc..Hit Ratio...
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