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Theatre of War (1st SP mission screens)

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  • Theatre of War (1st SP mission screens)

    Well I've never been any good with RTS games in the first place... every time I play I usually lose, and come in last on MP points... but I do love some RTS games, World in Conflict, C&C Generals, CMSF, ToW,... and especially the turn based games that are more my pace, CM series and Civ series... but again I suck at them and mostly lose, lol...

    I re-installed Theatre of War yesterday, patched it, and played the tutorials... HUGH improvement over the release version... and still a "uber patch" coming soon...

    Anyway, today I tried my hands at the first mission of the SP missions list...and as par with the course i sucked, got raped, killed, and buried... but anyway, heres some screens of my misery.

    Theatre of War


    Simple, move inland and take ground from the Germans... did I say simple...

    placing your units:

    My basic plan of attack is to just send a scout car and set up an AT gun on the left, use the rest of my forces (Armor and infantry) to break through the right side of the enemy lines, then flank over to clear the left:

    Game on, I send my armor units to the next hill, hopefully a hull down position, to start hammering the line, while I separate my squads into assault groups and assign them behind a armor unit...for a little support:

    It goes bad, very quickly...most of my armor units are destroyed by enemy artillery or AT guns almost immediately:

    Still the infantry charge into range for a battle:

    Enemy positions, I start calling in air support and artillery support of my own:

    Now you see it:

    Now you don't:

    My M8 scout car moves up to tease the left side of the enemy line, drawing attention away from my infantry men hitting the right side:

    The first 2 enemy AT hits missed to the rear, the 3rd got the target:

    I've pretty much captured the first line, and I receive re-enforcements:

    Rolling right in with my own armor:

    I call in artillery on the second line, hoping to break a few, kill a few, and hide my men as they prepare for another assault:

    I get re-enforcements and they get re-enforcements, and I start thinking I'm screwed:

    I call in some air support to help with a platoon of Panzer 5's that roll over me like...well... a tank:

    Those damn things just won't die, and this is sure scary to see:

    I call in artillery, planes, everything...nothing works:

    and as what usually happens with me when I play RTS games, I panic, and select ALL my troops and have them ALL engage one target:

    Steamrolling over my forces, AT's at point blank no good, grenades, machines guns... nothing:

    Did I mention I was screwed:

    With 2 men left, it's over:

    139 men lost there virtual lives for my lack of tactics, planning, and luck:

    Game has come a long way, alot of great potential here... graphics, sounds, and gameplay mechanics are on the spot... just need some AI tuning. IMO.
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