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SWAT4 SSF 3.2 mod screens...

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  • SWAT4 SSF 3.2 mod screens...

    Downloaded and installed the latest version of the SSF mod 3.2, very nice mod, and about 15 new maps that are well done.

    (just FYI, a couple of us, including me, are getting error messages when we try and launch with the included launcher, but if you go to the folder and launch from the exe shortcut, it works fine)

    Anyway... I do pretty damn good when I lone wolf any game, slow, sure, and methodical... but it is always nice to have back up... heres a few screens from the mod...

    A number of "officer's down":

    But I avenge my brothers:

    Another one down:

    I had to go find him to finish the mission:

    I'm not a big fan of sharing scores, but I think it's funny... no penalties, no officer deaths or injuries, no civilians killed... just 13 of the 17 bad guys killed, and I still only get a Patrol Officer ranking, what BS! lol:

    We will fight in the rain:

    Yep, he pulled a Colt 45 on me:

    A nice log cabin made for drug makers:

    Got them through the window, 2 less to deal with when I enter:

    This was the second this suspect met his maker:

    Guns and drugs:

    AGAIN, no penalties, but 6 out of 6 suspects, all armed get dropped and I'm only a "reserve officer" what BS:

    Lone wolfing it ain't always easy:


    Damn I'm good... 2 suspects and a hostage, one suspect surrenders but the other draws down on me... BANG, target hit right between everyone else:

    OK, near the end of a mission... running out of bullets, and under fire:

    Out of bullets, I pull out my pistol, the suspect runs by me guns blazing, hits me multiple times, i tag him as he runs down the stairs, unfortunately I also hit the suspect I just arrested, so much for being "so damn good":

    OK... I'm going to jump, if no one shows up to this Sundays final SWAT4 server rebirth test:

    Damn good mod for SWAT4...

    15 new co-op maps.... SWEET.

    Just FYI... Tactical Gamer is NOT using this mod or any mod on our server at this time, we got to have a interest shown for the default game first...this Sunday, 8 PM Eastern is the last of 5 test weeks on the desire to play SWAT4 again... if we can't get at least 5 players to show up...then SWAT4 will truly become just a memory.
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    Re: SWAT4 SSF 3.2 mod screens...

    I have to get this game. Do you know how much it cost at best buy?
    Does it have multiplayer co-op?
    Are the weapons customizable?




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