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  • Conflict: Denied Ops...(demo)

    I never played the other conflict games in the series, never was much of a budget gamer, but Conflict: Denied Ops perked my interest, and then I remembered that Beach use to share some conflict game AAR's... great AAR's, but again the games themselves never interested me...

    anyway... Conflict: Denied Ops is the next in the series, and thou the gameplay is very action oriented, the demo (for both the PC and the Xbox 360) was fun...exspecially with another player...2 player co-op... still not sure I will be getting the game, but maybe I will with a partner in crime.

    Conflict: Denied Ops

    The story... your a 2 man CIA operations team, sent to four different countries, with a bunch of weapons and stuff to stop some mad, anti-American general from using a nuke on the good ol US of A. (you know, same story with every other current times game)... mostly a FPS but there are a few vehicles you get to jump in and drive and/or gun.

    Graphics are OK, sounds are better, and the special effects are spectaular... hence it is a action game and not really a tactical shooter.

    Cut scenes tell the story:

    Theres always some crazy military guy with a nuke... hey dude, it's the middle finger:

    Each mission has a load screen and an objective list:

    While in game, outside help comes in occasionally to blow something up for you:

    Scopes and iron sights, at least they know to include those:

    Alot of destruction in this game, which is pretty cool... someone hiding behind cover, just shoot the cover away:

    nice special effects, alot of fire, alot of explosions, alot of bullets flying:

    You can use the tab key to jump between your two characters (in SP mode), or give the other move or suppress, or do commands by pointing and hitting a button... hand signals modeled too, nice touch:

    one of many mission objectives:

    One hell of a lean key:

    enemy throws smoke to conceal themselves, but I just let loose with alot of rounds:

    Nothing like leaving crates of ammo around for you to reload in:

    Cover fire:

    Planted the explosives and BOOM, see the enemies body flying:

    Night vision, must be generation 5 or 6:

    Cover fire as i order my teammate to the front:

    Enemy helicopter comes in on us:

    Another support Apache comes in and takes him down for us, he crashes at our feet...scripted, CoD4 wanna be:

    Damn short demo:

    Like I said, it is a cool and fun game, graphics are alright just not state of the art, sounds are good, alot of eye candy and explosions to fill your action needs... but this is NOT a tactical game (in the sense of GR, OFP, ArmA, AA...etc etc)... you got the SP campaign, which you play both ops...or 2 person co-op... and some 16 person multiplayer stuff... Not really my type of game, but who am I kidding... for 30 bucks might pick it up just to co-op with someone on it... PC version, sure the 360 version will be about 60 bucks.
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    Re: Conflict: Denied Ops...(demo)

    I have played most of hte games in this series and love them. Conflict: Desert Storm was my apartments Halo. We would play 4 player COOP over and over. To this day I don't think I have replayed a campaign as much as this game. They were interesting games because I like COOP games and honestly a 4 player COOP was hard to find before LIVE and all the networks for consoles.

    Thanks for the screens, I want to check out the demo. I would agree that the series is much more of an action game than a tactical shooter, but it's good fun if you enjoy COOP play.
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