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Terrorist Takedown 2... no thx...

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  • Terrorist Takedown 2... no thx...

    Kramer shared the news earlier with me today about the just released SP demo for Terrorist Takedown 2... I already knew it wasn't for me, but hey...thats what demo's are for right...

    Well anyway... No, I won't be getting yet another Action Shooter, (don't anyone make tactical games anymore, lol), but heres some screens for you guys that are either into this type of game, or just curious...

    Nice splash screens:

    Cut scene briefing:

    Ready to play RAT in the MAZE... I knew it was bad as soon as they said, "OK, everyone split up and go find so and so".

    Bad guy jumps out of the door:

    Dark alleyways:

    Taking hits and giving some:

    Contact down:

    It's like walking through a ambush, and you know it:

    The "terrorist" are in military uniforms, and who you think looks like a terrorist is a civilian:

    Nade out:

    Look, terrorist twins:

    Thats the taking fire effect:

    Well at least it only takes a hit or two for you to die:

    I was already done with this demo, not impressed at all... not for me, hell IMO Conflict Denied Ops looks to be the better "action shooter"... at least in CDO, you know it's a action game, this one seems to think it's a tactical shooter, when it's not...

    un-installed... next...
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    Re: Terrorist Takedown 2... no thx...

    Thanks for saving me the time, otherwise I might have had hope for this one.
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      Re: Terrorist Takedown 2... no thx...

      Nice splash screens indeed :)
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