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GRAW2 (360) co-op screens (large)...

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  • GRAW2 (360) co-op screens (large)...

    Who says consoles can't be tactical, and played with teamwork and mission objectives? SimHQ members and Tactical Gamer members have been getting together for months now every Saturday for some Xbox 360 co-op action... and proving that a console can be just as tactical as a PC. (just can't play on a open server, lol)

    Well I recently learned how to capture high definition footage and screens from my Xbox 360, (BIG thanks to SkateZilla for the lessons and guidance). Footage, thou cool is very time consuming, so I stuck with screenshots today from a number of GRAW2 missions.

    I captured over 300 screens, was able to whittle that down to 100, which you can find on my Xbox 360 page:

    For your enjoyment, and mine, and the members who participate... here is about 20 of the best...give or take:

    This is where Positive G stepped in front of me as i turned to engage a contact on our flank:

    Danger close is a understatement:

    Grenade Out!


    If you can get close enough, they can't shoot you:

    Man is it bright here:

    Positive G and I...virtual battlefield buddies:

    Positive G and I... DEAD virtual battlefield buddies:

    Busy battlefield:

    GrizzyBear fixes me up:

    Sabre 6 inbound:

    Now GrizzlyBear tried to claim this kill, but do you see any evidence from him, NO... but you can clearly see it was my kill, lol... actually it was a team effort:

    Gathering at the extraction:

    So I lied, theres more then 20...sue me.

    Great games guys, and thanks a mil for the weekly get together.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: GRAW2 (360) co-op screens (large)...

    Awesome screens, pity I missed this Saturday... but as you know, I fixed my membership problems, and will be there next Saturday!




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