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It's a good day to DIE! (VBS2 mission lost)

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  • It's a good day to DIE! (VBS2 mission lost)

    Community Service Note: This is VBS2...but it is played on Porta which is in the QG add-on for ArmA... so you don't need VBS2 for this stuff...just get it, play it, love it.

    This is a few screens from a VBS2 mission called "Weapon Delivery", made by W0lle, who is one of the best VBS2 mission makers IMO... but man he can be brutal, I rarely win any of his missions... It might actually be a different story with no AI teammates, and only humans...who knows...anyway...

    A briefing and a circle jerk:

    First look:

    Moving the team into position:

    Enemy patrols spotted...everywhere:

    Look at all those bad guy patrols (map cheat):

    Recon-ing the enemy town:

    Pull the team into a line formation, and order "open fire":

    Right side engaging:

    Left side engaging:

    Engaging in all directions:

    Kills for Magnum:

    Enemy coming from all directions, on left and right flank...order a wedge formation to better cover the flanks:

    Getting overran, backing up in the prone:

    Taken hits, arm bleeding:

    Taking more hits:

    Trying to get back enough for a re-group:


    Magnum's down... I repeat Magnum is down....again:

    Fade to black:

    Great mission, and W0lle makes some great missions... but man I get my donkey handed to me most every time.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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