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Frontlines, SP impressions, screens, tech issues...

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  • Frontlines, SP impressions, screens, tech issues...

    Frontlines: Fuel of War...

    Kaos/THQ we have a problem folks... I wasn't really into getting this game, but the hype sucked me in and I bought it...

    1. It took Direct2Drive 48 hours after releases to release the digital download. (not Kaos/THQ's fault...more IGN's.)

    2. It took 10 hours to download the 9 GB game. (again, no ones fault, I could of bought the store version.)

    3. I installed it this AM, ran it...nice and realistic intro, went into settings, changed some things and it locked up.

    4. Exit, re-boot...same thing... so I see a patch has been released already, so I download the patch and install... I get "file does not exist" message about 500 times (really) and had to hit OK each time to eventually continue and install the patch... last message "patch installed correctly".

    5. Reboot, start on... nice first mission, typical... first impressions of gameplay is pretty damn cool, I could see where this game can become very big online (if the tech issues are corrected.) Tech issues: Every 30 second in game it freezes for about 5 seconds then continues... this is unacceptable. Oh it's probably your system you say? NOT! I have everything on very high, everything on and maxed and get a steady 60fps (I think it must be locked there) (BUT it don't look like it's on very high...very good graphics but still see sub-par textures and zaggies, even thou 4x AA is on).

    For me, and in my opinion only... I wasn't interested in this game in the first place, but decided to give it a try due to the hype... it is good and has great potential... but there is too many games and not enough time to spend waiting or trying to fix tech issues with the game... get it done right, and ASAP otherwise... in a week, it will be un-installed and I will be moved on to the next game.

    Tech issues aside... like I said I can see the potential for this game with my first impression of the SP game. (I will be trying MP later today).

    It's a cross between Battlefield 2 (for the PC) and GRAW2 (for the Xbox 360)... a good squad based game with proper equipment and support elements. The future element, with the future tech adds a nice and different touch.

    In the SP game, you have a series of missions in the campaign, done in order of course. Your teams AI seems pretty good, but not great... they will engage, call targets by position ("over behind the red vehicle" for example). Lay suppressive fire to a point, maneuver to engage a enemy, even calling out that they can't get a clean shot so there moving positions. They will use cover when available... but on the same token, there also RAMBO standing up and engaging out in the open on a armored vehicle or something.
    What I like is they pretty much follow and support you, so if I want to take the long way around to an objective, they will go with me... if i enter a building some will enter with me and help clear it...

    The objectives are typical, take this point, capture this area... and as you capture connected locations the frontline moves forward.. hence the name FRONTLINES. lol

    Graphics are good (not great) effects are very well done, and weapon selection/choose are GREAT.

    Thats it... was playing the first mission when I had a complete lock up... "Frontlines is not responding"... FIX THIS DAMN GAME, THE POTENTIAL IS THERE.

    Well the one, and only, good thing about the 5 second pauses every 30 seconds is the great screens it let me take, lol...

    heres a few from the first SP mission... till the lock up, lol:

    First the boring stuff, for the undecided:

    The introduction... nicely made, and quite possible the true future:

    Mission brief/load up:

    Typical... shot down in military fashion... Gave me Call of Duty 4 flashbacks:

    Press guy wakes me up:

    Game on...defend the site:

    Gettin some:

    Taking cover:

    Alot of stuff:

    A freeze up gave me the blood shot:

    Enemy vehicle:

    Another freeze up gave me this shot:

    and this:

    First objective captured:

    Magnum down, I repeat Magnum down:

    Like I said, the freezes sure gave me some nice screens... but I'd rather they NOT be there, lol:

    IMO... first impressions... great potential, way to many bugs or tech issues... wait a couple of weeks and see what they do to fix/address the issues...

    Does seem that everytime a new game is released lately... I appreciated my console system more and more. lol (This is out on Xbox 360, I didn't get it...but watching the 360 desire and feedback.)
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    Re: Frontlines, SP impressions, screens, tech issues...

    If you check their forums youll find a lot of people having similar issues. It was a rough launch to be sure, but they are working hard on fixing things atm.


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      Re: Frontlines, SP impressions, screens, tech issues...

      Is it me or does the design of the gun in the pictures look like the voss from 2142?


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        Re: Frontlines, SP impressions, screens, tech issues...

        Thx... ya I have learned that...and there are will test later...

        My point being, time is limited... and I just wish they would released better stable and compatible games... I don't feel I should be spending 2 days testing the game, then looking for fixes online... I mean, this game has potential and looks to be fun, and a great TG team game... but in 3 weeks, a new game I want is coming out... so if this game doesn't suck me in by then, it fades and dies... developers have got to stop releasing games with these game stopping problems...

        again, thanks for the info.

        ADDED: Thx the foliage thing works... no in game pauses... BUT I still have the complete lock up after about 20 mins of it needs to be fix still...for me.
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        Magnum |TG-18th|

        We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.




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