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GRAW2 co-op get together...

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  • GRAW2 co-op get together...

    Members from both SimHQ & Tactical Gamer got together today to play the new classic co-op map pack missions (v2) for GRAW2 on the 360...

    Due to tech difficulties,my video recordings were corrupt, but here is a number of screenshots from the event.

    Clearing the area for a supply relief convoy:

    Enemy chopper inbound:

    Protecting the convoy every each of the way:

    "Dude, I got this pain in my shoulder, can you help?"

    Grizzlybear taking out a ADATS:

    Grizzly down:

    Pfeil fixes him up:

    Danger close:

    Clearing the compound:

    Enemy chopper:


    Positive G and I share a kill:

    Bounding overwatch:

    Damn SAW won't penetrate this small tree:

    Blowing up the fuel tank:

    Another ADATS:

    Clearing a path, pathfinder magnum:

    APC go boom:

    Clearing the trolls from the bridges:

    Did I already say Boom?

    Contacts high, 10 O'clock:

    Joint kill:

    Positive G really wants to throw that nade far:

    Contacts and vehicles:

    Vehicle go boom...again:

    Fireteam firefight:

    Long range vehicle kill with my SAW:

    Positive G rockin and rollin:

    One enemy grenade took me out (dead) and wounded two others:

    We fade to black (no one was alive to heal those two wounded):


    same same:

    Another vehicle explosion:

    Moving up to the enemy compound:

    Patching up brother G:

    Got to blow the tower, never made it:

    Good games, re-try next Saturday. ;)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: GRAW2 co-op get together...

    Thanks for sharing these screenshots, Magnum. Iím certainly glad you caught me actually healing someone, rather than my first encounter with a wounded comrade. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is a rock solid tactical shooter on the Xbox 360 and that session was a lot of fun.

    On a side note, these screenshots are fantastic. The ability to capture these and video footage off the Xbox 360 should make the platform even more enticing for gamers thinking about making the switch.


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      Re: GRAW2 co-op get together...

      Wow, what a wipe out on that last area. Should have brought a SAW.




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