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4 missions in Syria (VBS2)

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  • 4 missions in Syria (VBS2)

    The map used is a beta map called "Syria" made by djfrogstar...
    The mission pack was made by w0lle...

    Dustbowl (ADF)

    I spot the downed helicopter, but it is guarded very well:

    I get the first patrol in my sight:

    I order my squad to open fire:

    The first patrol is down, but many more alerted now:

    I move up closer to the objective, Insurgent bodies litter the desert floor:

    Enemy held town, near the crash site:

    "Open Fire" I order again:

    Insurgents show themselves then take a bullet:

    We got bad guys swarming on us, all around, with no outside support:

    Pop up targets:

    Fade to black, lead (me) is down, the rest will follow:

    Politicians (USSF)

    Mobile fireteam moves out:

    I scan the objective area:

    Funny, my fireteam is quadruplets:

    We take fire, I pop smoke and retreat for a better position:

    I lose my complete fireteam, except me:

    I'd say this mission is incomplete, one of my team members sit seat belted in the back, dead:

    Search and Destroy (ADF)

    Loading up, I'll fly:

    Searching the area of operation:

    Crash site spotted on the left:

    After clearing the LZ, I land to disembark:

    As we disembark, we take small arms fire from many directions:

    Insurgents attack from all sides, again:

    Tango in sight:

    A M203 round clears out the enemy behind the rock formation:


    He's about to meet his maker:

    And again... we DIP (die in place):

    Syrian Night

    Enemy compound in the distance:

    We open fire and engage as they emerge:

    Firefight at night:

    NVG view:

    We get attacked from the rear and usual...

    Great missions made by w0lle, even thou the good guys are always extremely out numbered... these missions work with a squad of real world players, but as you can imagine, hard to find co-op games with VBS2.

    I've probably played about 500 VBS2 missions, in SP with me in charge and think I only won 3 of them... The AI continues to be idiots, as in most sims/games... multiplayer is where this is at (and it's training purpose), not SP.

    But fun to attempt...very nice and nasty firefights.
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    Re: 4 missions in Syria (VBS2)

    Looks nice, but those rock textures are just BLECH!

    I love the lighting on the night mission. The scary part is that you lost to a bunch of rusty ak-47's.

    Co-Op seems like it'd be a bit more...easy. :)




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