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the frontline, WARFARE test...

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  • the frontline, WARFARE test...

    copy/paste from a SimHQ post i made...

    I've shared screens of the commander mode and interface, so now heres a few from WARFARE as a player...

    We all move out to a better location for our HQ:

    We find a spot and Jex deploys the HQ:

    The Jex warrior look, I like it:

    Buying me some upgrades:

    I like the admin patch, maybe SimHQ admins should have there own:

    Arriving at a ambush for recovery and support:

    The Big C takes over a Vulcan:

    I like the admin decals:

    I jump in as gunner:

    Gettin some:

    This guy flew in the air 50 yards, lol:

    Man down:

    The action screen:

    I took over a base then used the build tool to place some defenses:

    We blow the bridge to keep the enemy from retaking the town:

    50 bucks a kill:

    I jump on a TOW and take out a T72:

    Final kill:

    Great games today. ;)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: the frontline, WARFARE test...

    I really like this game mode. I jumped back on later to figure out the commander's seat and its pretty intuitive. I am looking forward to some large scale operations and even some PvP with two human commanders going head-to-head.

    Artillery: You need to have your own AI troops manning the guns to call in artillery support. You will receive funds for any kills your artillery picks up. The only problem now is rearming the artillery. I spent 30 minutes trying to get them to resupply but nothing seemed to work.

    Thanks to Jex, Magnum and BigC for some solid Warfare action today.


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      Re: the frontline, WARFARE test...

      I am really liking this game mode. I enjoy the join in progress ability and limited loss for leaving in the middle. It really allows for a flexible gameplay and always getting some piece of the action. I had a chance the other night to get involved with dueling commanders and decent sized teams and it was a great experience. We probably need to get some times setup to do a server reset then split up and go head to head.
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