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Battlefield: Bad Company screens and opinion...

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  • Battlefield: Bad Company screens and opinion...

    Battlefield: Bad Company for the Xbox 360 (and probably for the PS3 also), lets you take screenshots of your multiplayer action in game by hitting the D pad up.

    They are then uploaded to your profile on the battlefield web site:

    (Right now it seems to take almost a whole week to see the screens, maybe this will be fixed as this feature is improved)

    You can then view the screens, save the ones you want to your "photo album" and also right click and "save as"...

    Here's a couple of screens I took with this in game feature...

    Positive G gettin sum:

    Artillery coming in as we run for cover:

    I am manning an AT weapon platform while Jeevz lays out some C4:

    Bringing down a enemy chopper:

    Talk about close quarters combat, but with tanks?

    Positive G fixin up a tank:

    Friendly tank popping smoke for some concealment:

    The team, Positive G, Jeevz, and I... BFBC only allows a 4 person squad, which sucks...full comms with the whole team is greatly needed:

    BFBC MP, IMO, is alot of fun with a few friends but there is also alot of issues, mostly gameplay wise to address.

    BFBC SP, IMO, finished the SP campaign yesterday... story is good but not great, the characters and the comedy are fantastic, and the main reason to keep going with the SP story. The AI, both friendly and foe is ridiculous, heck I'd say AI don't really exist, for the most part your team pushes the story but does little combat, and the enemy AI use no tactics or anything, they simply shoot at you till you kill them.

    Graphics are good, but not great, sounds are incredible, probably the best ever in any game. Destruction and explosions are great, different gear, vehicles, etc etc are good...

    over all IMO, BFBC has a SP story worth doing only once just for the comedy of your squad mates. (BTW if your squad is only 4 people, then why couldn't the SP story be done with 4 humans?)

    The MP is alot of fun only when you play with friends, otherwise it pretty much blows.... again just my opinion.
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    Re: Battlefield: Bad Company screens and opinion...

    nice graphics!!




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