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I couldn't help it... VBS2 mission...

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  • I couldn't help it... VBS2 mission...

    Was testing a new mission that a user released for VBS2... good idea, poor implemtion...meaning MP5 SD's against AK-47's and RPG's... not a good match... the MP5 is a nice, close quarters weapon for room clearing SWAT teams but, any distant fighting, the Mp5 sucks...

    I order the team into our Land Rover, (which reminds me that because of the 2 conventions, I've missed my new favorite show, Flashpoint):

    Responding to a call at the port:

    We take sniper fire from long distance:

    We try and take out the long range targets:

    I have the sniper in my sight, but the MP5 SD, just don't reach that far, and trying to get closer just gets us killed:

    Bad guys drive up to our rear, I turn and engage:

    Yep, towel heads are dead:

    OK, by now I know i can't win this mission with sub-standard weapons... so I go back to base, look in the crates and sure enough plenty of proper weaponry to do the job... but hey...whats this... a claymore...sweet, got to try that out. (My mind is no longer on the mission, lol.)

    Setting up the claymore, front towards enemy...well OK, reporters:

    Nice, you can almost see the pellets shatter outward, going to have to test this in SP, where i can slow it down:

    Opps, clean up... any witnesses:

    No dis-respect to towel heads or the press. ;)
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