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  • Crysis Wars: Battlefield video clips...

    I made a nice 75 MB video of some serious Crysis Wars action on the one and only good multiplayer map... but every-time I try to upload it, my server host times out. (a call to their tech support guy blamed me for the problem, lol, even thou I have been uploading and sharing videos for over 5 years), so I think it's time for a new host... lol...

    Anyway, here is 4 small clips that I made, these uploaded OK, one at a time...

    It's team Deathmatch, on the Battlefield map... beautiful map, but the only one large enough to actually enjoy playing on, all the other maps are way to small and crowed. So I pretty much ONLY play on this map now, lol.... understand that frapping this game cause me some serious frame rate hits, but when not frapping it is smooth and clear, (around 35 fps my system, frapping drops it to 15.)

    The potential for the MP in this game is fantastic, but IMO... we need more, bigger maps, lesser players (this one allows 32), and more modes like attack and hold or whatever.
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