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Axis; Summer 1944; Securing Kurtenki AAR

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  • Axis; Summer 1944; Securing Kurtenki AAR

    This is an After Action Report/Review of the first mission in the German campaign of WW2 Battle Tanks: T34 vs. Tiger.

    Be advised that this mission and screenshots are based on a late Alpha build, and is work in progress.


    It is the Summer of 1944, everyone believes the war is coming to an end soon, but no one is sure who the victor will be.
    Russian forces have begun crossing the Kurtenki bridge, but the Germans successfully knocks out the bridge before too many troops and equipment could cross. Yet there is a still a small band of enemy infantry, trucks, tanks, and AT guns that have set up. My units instructions are simple, exit the secured zone hunt and destroy any remaining enemies on this side of the bridge.

    I have my Tiger tank, and another Tiger tank, thats complete the job. No infantry support, no artillery, no scouts, just two Tiger tanks.

    I brief my crew, mount up, and start the engines with the E key. I then rev the engine to maximum RPM's with the up arrow. I then release the brake, space bar, and hit the W key to put the Tiger in first gear, we lunge forward:

    Cross roads checkpoint ahead:

    Drivers view (Ins key), hitting W cycles the gears up wards, we move out in 4th:

    Tank Commanders view (page up key):

    I pull up to a hull down position, 4 AT gun placements are spotted at the 1 o'clock position. I hit the brake (spacebar), drop my RPM's (down arrow), then change gears to neutral (S key). I then change to my gunner position (home key):

    I measure the distance to target using the sight scale, I then raise lower the sight picture (mouse wheel scroll):

    Shot out, missed too high, adjust sight picture and begin engaging the AT guns:

    My wingman (AI controlled) moves out of good hull positions to get closer, then begins to engage targets himself:

    All four AT guns are eventually destroyed:

    I turn my gun slightly to the right and observe two enemy 5 ton supply trucks trying to make a run for it:

    I quickly engage, hitting the first immediately with a tank round:

    I hit the second with machine gun fire (right mouse button), both are destroyed:

    I then switch back to my drivers seat (Ins key), start up the engine, take off the brake, hit the RPM's, switch gears and move out of my perfect hull down to hunt some more:

    I can see my wingman taking hits, and spot 3 T-34's around the bend to the right:

    I get in the best position I can, switch to my gunner seat, measure distance and open fire:

    The very first shot, to my amazement, is a direct hit, the enemy tank explodes as his turret flies off:

    I continue to engage the enemy tanks, a number of rounds hitting it's mark but no kill shots yet:

    Two down, one to go, as we exchange shots with each other:

    I take a couple of hits, the view jumps to my inside tank periscope/target, then jumps back to the sight after each enemy hit:

    Three enemy tanks burn, the view automatically jumps to an external view, but nothing tells me the mission is over, eventually I hit escape to learn that the mission was a success:

    Mission Success, with stats:

    Again, please be advised this is based on a alpha/beta build, and is work in progress.

    Look for my complete preview at SimHQ in about a week, give or take.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Axis; Summer 1944; Securing Kurtenki AAR

    Looks like fun.. I wonder what Coop Multiplay ir MultiSim there will be??
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      Re: Axis; Summer 1944; Securing Kurtenki AAR

      This is pretty cool. I look forward to your full review.
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        Re: Axis; Summer 1944; Securing Kurtenki AAR

        Looks like a mix of Red Orchestra and Arma (not a bad thing). If the price is right it would be fun to play around with :icon14:




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