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  • GoW2 MP get together screens...

    Members of SimHQ and Tactical Gamer got together again, like we do every Saturday, for our weekly XBL multiplayer blood fest, and this week was especially bloody...

    We started with the HORDE mode, made it to level 25 I believe, then dipped into Warfare (team deathmatch), then submission, where you have to capture a bad ass dude and drag him back to your base, then some other mode, Capture the point... great battles, great fun, and alot of virtual blood...

    A mortar dropping right on someones head:

    Thats the dude you have to capture to make him submit, and he doesn't go without a fight:

    Holding the fort:

    Hiding behind the shield:

    A little too close:

    Someone firing the mortars:

    Their camo skins are pretty good:

    Right in the eye:

    Someones getting chainsawed here:

    Using the meatshield:

    Great games everyone.

    Next week is CoD WaW.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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