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  • TG Semi-Pro Cup...FM2... Screens...

    Tactical Gamer hosted the final race series of the 2008 year for Forza Motorsports 2 on the Xbox 360... We've had a number of events throughout this year, all great races, great peoples, and great games.

    SimHQ, as they usually are, was invited to participate. It was a series of three races, each a new course, a new class of cars, with a HP restriction.

    Race 1
    The first in the series was 6 laps at Tsukuba, with class C cars, and a 250 HP limit. All settings on simulation of course.

    Starting grid:
    (featuring my F/A-18 Navy Cobolt made by Master)

    The first corner, always a danger, always a story:
    (Clodhopping in his custom Derby VW Bug)

    A derby hits the wall, Master passes in the background:

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd going down the back straightaway:

    TheCalv, in yellow, takes first barely as master was making a major drive to the front:

    Good race, incident free except for the Derby incident, and the neck to neck finish.

    Race 2
    The second in the series was 6 laps at Maple Valley, with class B cars, and a 350 HP limit. All settings on simulation of course.

    Starting grid:
    (featuring one of two SimHQ cars made by SkateZilla)

    1st turn, someone kicking up some dust:

    Yep, Master hits me in the rear causing my spin out, Hengist right behind the incident:

    Hengist with spider web glass:

    Yep, Master involved in another incident:

    Clodhopper, with his supped up VW Bug takes 1st.

    Race 3
    The third in the series was 6 laps at Sunset Infield, with class A cars, and a 450 HP limit. All settings on simulation of course.

    Starting grid:
    (featuring my all time favorite car, the Naples PD K9 Vehicle, made by a SimHQ member and gifted to me, don't even know who it was, lol.)

    Clodhopper with his VW again, and Master with his Zebra Viper, leading 1st and 2nd:

    Kerpal with the SimHQ car, had lag issues and caused this one by screaming between the two cars and hitting both:

    I clip the edge of the exit pit wall, spin around in a 360, then smack the far wall:

    Hengist loses it coming around turn 1:

    And the very next turn, I power slide into the wall:

    Hengist misses the turn, heading strait down the pavement to-wards a wall, turns out of it at the last minute:

    Master, on the last lap, near the last turn or two, makes a pass on Clodhopper to win the event:

    Hengist in third place stops before the finish line to road block us, I speed on the outside while Pfiel moves on the inside:

    My vehicle 10 yards before the finish line, probably it's final run:
    (with Race Pro coming soon, and hopefully a better racing experience, then FM3 later this year... this may be the final series, final race using FM2, but i will keep it forever because of my personalized cars, lol)

    We lost comes in the first lap of the final race, so that 3rd race had no voice radio with other drivers, made it harder to pass...

    Great race, great series.

    And with that Tactical Gamer... I fade to black. Been a member for years, a SM for 5 years... had a lot of great games here, made a lot of great friends, and will still be playing with most on either XBL or elsewhere... but this was my last gameplay with TG... moving on to other things... Thanks for the memories.

    Magnum Out.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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      I'm upset I missed this one and this is the last of the series. These races are what really got me into 360 gaming and I've enjoyed them. Thanks for the screens and the races.
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