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    This is just a beta, but still with over 100 maps/missions it is one heck of a beta for a great, true classic... The full mod with hundreds of maps and missions with different objectives is coming this summer.

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed:

    Some screens from our latest try:

    First map we did is a training yard with 4 quads, color coded buildings:

    Clearing the stairs:

    Left Stack, seems someones been reading my SWAT tactical article:

    Can you spot the ghost, theirs two of them:

    Zoomed in for the kill:

    Beautiful maps:

    Danger close kill via Wepps:

    Nice maps:

    Clearing the tunnel system:

    Providing cover while Alpha crosses:

    Crossing cover:

    Bounding overwatch in the tunnels:

    He ran in on me after a nade toss into the open door:

    Get of the beach folks:

    Moving up the hills to engage:

    Last thing I see as I fade to black:

    Play spot the ghost again:

    Beautiful map, the enemy can see and is engaging us, but none of us were able to get eyes on:

    Wepps tries to make it across, but gets pinned half way:

    I try and come to his rescue, where is the air support or smoke we need:

    New York City, we loved this map so much we played it 3 times, lol:

    Their everywhere sir:

    Tango down, glass shatters:

    The Plainsman takes out 2 tangos:

    Man down, man down:

    The last man standing decides to pull a HEAT firefight:

    Yep... three games that will never leave my hard drive, Ghost Recon, Raven Shield, and SWAT 4...
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    Re: GR: Heroes Unleashed Mod...

    Hello Magnum,

    Seems nice!

    Could you please tell us if this mod is single-player, multi-player or both?

    Thanks for the info.
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      Re: GR: Heroes Unleashed Mod...

      Great now I gotta see if I still have Ghost Recon. If not need to find a copy because it makes me sad to have lost track of it. :(


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        Re: GR: Heroes Unleashed Mod...

        Originally posted by Toshido View Post
        Great now I gotta see if I still have Ghost Recon. If not need to find a copy because it makes me sad to have lost track of it. :(

        steam has it for really really cheap, like 30bucks for all GR series.
        that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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