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  • Weekend Project.

    So working for my dad has perks, i can take off work when i want and i have a wide array of tools at my disposal. Friday was a easy day so i took the afternoon off and went up to a Local Gun Shop in adrian michigan.

    I had no intention of actually buying, they are a nice little shop which is good for stories. Was looking around and seen a rack of Enfields, like 15+. But they where all painted camo and chopped up. I asked the owner about them and he proceeeded to tell me the story of them.

    Apparently some older man had been collecting them for the end times, he had 300+ stored up in his garage. He had died and his wife found them all, so she had been selling them off as she needed some cash. He pointed out one that was not chopped up and still had the rear sights. They where asking 89bucks. Here is what it looked like when i bought it.

    and this is what it looks like after i spent about 2 hours with a drill and steel wool, little bit of sand paper on the stock.

    That is a nice rifle now that i got it cleaned up.
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.

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    Re: Weekend Project.

    yeah nice rifle.. now varnish that wood for more cooler look..
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      Re: Weekend Project.

      Awesome. Me wants one.

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