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Sb Pro PE co-op 4/26

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  • Sb Pro PE co-op 4/26

    Well we moved our weekly SimHQ Steel Beasts Pro PE small unit cooperative get together to Sunday night, and we had 4 players arrive... a good 4 man/tank platoon get together.

    We played 3 or 4 small unit cooperative missions against the AI and lost them all, but we did get further and better then we ever have before. Thanks to Alan, who isn't as much as a rookie as the rest of us are, for showing up and sharing some do's and don'ts...tactical wise... of armor warfare.

    If anyone at TG plays SB Pro PE or any other simulation type game, VBS2, Blackshark, etc etc... and interested in getting together, please let me know via PM... I sure would like to see some members of TG playing sims again, instead of all these action games. (which is great, fun, and popular... but I'd like to see some SimHeads at TG also. ;) )

    The first mission was a platoon assault on an objective, 4 M1A1 MBT's... each controlled by one player.

    Covering while 3 crosses the bridge:

    Troops front:

    Engaging enemy troops in the woodline:

    Then the tanks come from the West:

    We start taking out targets, they start taking us out one by one:

    Number 4, the last man standing takes another hit:

    New mission, move to contact:

    Hull down:

    Targets North:

    Number 2 down:

    Enemy drops artillery on us:

    We give as well as we take:

    Toughest T72 I ever met, I hit it 3 times with SABOT, and someone else claimed 5 hits on it:

    2 down, 2 up:

    Last man engages as the rest of us sit dead in the background:

    New mission, scout patrols retreat:

    PC West:

    I call in artillery in the far background as we fall back to secondary fighting positions:

    Welcome to the jungle baby, your going down:

    In fighting positions:

    As the smoke clears, targets become visible:

    TOW missile strike:

    I'm the last to die in the platoon, mission over:

    Great games...
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: Sb Pro PE co-op 4/26

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.
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