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Tuckerman's Ravine (May 2, 2009)

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  • Tuckerman's Ravine (May 2, 2009)

    For years, I've been dying to hike and ride Tuckerman's Ravine. My cousin and I were talking earlier this year and he said him and some of his friends were planning on doing it sometime this spring. I immediately jumped onboard. We hiked up and in and up. When we got there, we saw that Tuck's itself had a lot of snow that had slid out, leaving only one gulley open to ride safely, and it was also very windy over there. We opted for Hillman's Highway, conditions looked better over there anyways.


    Hillman's Highway

    Hiking up Hillman's

    A view from above (That's Wildcat Mountain to the right, summit is 4,062 ft, we were a few hundred feet above that)

    How I Wish I Could Wake Up Everyday

    We took the Sherburne Ski trail out, we were able to ride it for a good 1/4 of a mile, but many bare spots meant we had to keep on taking our boards/skis on and off, so we just finally switched to boots to walk it.

    Naturally, I'm dying to go back!! My cousin and I are talking about a trip sometime next year where we hike up to the snowfield above Tuckermans just below Mt. Washington's Summit, ride through them through Tuck's and down the Sherburne.

    I'm loving the fact that I have a slight sunburn in May, from snowboarding!

    You can check out the rest on flicker if you'd like.

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    Re: Tuckerman's Ravine (May 2, 2009)

    Wow. That looks like it must have been a blast.

    Where is that and what elevation are you at
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      Re: Tuckerman's Ravine (May 2, 2009)

      Tuck's is the Southeast basin of Mt. Washington in NH. The top of Tuck's is at 4,430 ft, and I'd guess that I was at about 4,200 feet from where I started.

      Actually got a call from my cousin last night to go tomorrow, but I've sadly got class.




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