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ArmA2 SP Campaign screens, SPOILER!

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  • ArmA2 SP Campaign screens, SPOILER!

    WARNING: Spoiler images of the SP campaign!

    Some of these screens can give away spoilers for the single player campaign of Armed Assault 2...

    Armed Assault 2's single player campaign (which can also be played in co-op mode but buggy as hell) is actually pretty damn good, and well done... most of the missions are fantastic and well done, their are a couple that have game stopping bugs, so i justed used the campaign unlock code cheat to by pass the few game killer missions, but for the most part, a great campaign, with a good story, and actually 5 different endings which a couple provide a shocker.

    Remember you can unlock all missions in the SP campaign by hitting the shift key and the num pad minus key together at the campaign mission list screen, then typing "campaign" without the quotes.

    The last 5 missions on the list are the different ending missions.

    Here is my collection of screens from the SP campaign, mostly played in vet mode, but near the end the difficultly required me to drop them down to regular mode.

    I won't post comments on the screens as to not ruin more of the story, but you'll get the picture.

    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: ArmA2 SP Campaign screens, SPOILER!

    Great screens as always Magnum, thanks!

    BTW, did you run into the disappearing artillery bug in Manhattan by chance?




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