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  • OFP DR Night Raid AAR

    This is just a after action review of one of the small "fireteam engagement" missions... I thought it the better way to show this game then all these positive and negative post.

    This is NOT a review, (you want to read that visit my signature, lol), it's just showing a quick and basic mission.

    D Day +5 2300 hours...

    The orders came strait from the top, Capt. Guod called me into his command tent, and laid out the mission objective leaving me with the plan of assault, and the responsibility of a mission complete.

    I was to take my fireteam of highly trained and combat efficient Marines and conduct a night raid on a PLA defended fuel pumping station. Their was no additional support, no air or artillery support, due to the importance of the fueling station. Damage to the infrastructure was not allowed.

    I left the command tent, briefed my men and ordered a couple hours of rest.

    D Day +6 0200 hours...

    I woke up my men, issued them all the Mk17 Mod 0 (Night Ops) Assault Rifle, and ammo... no grenades or explosives on this one. I ordered a weapons and equipment check, and left to the Military Intelligence tent for a final intel brief. The report said it was lightly defended with maybe two PLA fireteams defending the complex. Experience has shown that two fireteams defending the complex meant that their was most likely four or six PLA fireteams.

    D-Day +6 0300 hours...

    I verified the raid was a go, meet with Warrant Officer Jeevz, who was already spooling up his MH-60S transport helicopter. This was to be a nap of the earth ingress, dropping us a couple of clicks West of the objective behind a number of hills and mountains ridges.

    D-Day +6 0340 hours...

    Touchdown, We pull a 360 perimeter around the LZ while I get my bearings and conduct yet another map recon. The basic idea is to use the terrain to get up in the high ground to the North of the complex. Move in close enough for a visual, engage what we can, then sweep and clear the complex to capture. Simple enough, the terrain worked in our favor, I first order a fast move to the North so we could come in behind some hills, and also to clear our back side for the assault. I then order a wedge formation with a tight spread. We then moved West parallel to the high ground hill top I want to use for the recon and initial assault. I then ordered a tight line formation as we then turned South, to get in position, engage and move in.

    D-Day +6 0408 hours...

    In position, I pull out my binos, scan the area... and sure enough three PLA fireteams visible, so much for military intelligence. One team is in the center of the complex while two others are on the west and East perimeters. I use the lazer range finding in my military binos to get a distance for sight adjustments.

    My team is still in stealth mode, with hold fire. I assign each one of them a target in the center enemy fireteam, I then order my Marines to fire on my first fire.

    D-Day +6 0411 hours...

    I get my target in sight, adjust for distance and pull the trigger, within seconds the enemy fireteam lies dead or wounded, a few more rounds into the prone but moving bodies confirm their deaths.

    I then order my fireteam to engage the East perimeter fireteam. I engage the West to keep them down.

    I notice another fireteam, that makes four, come out from the South side of the complex. I see them through my night scope flanking my fireteam to our right. I order a shift fire to the right and we take them out as they come up to our flank. This has given the earlier fireteams a chance to get up and move in on us. I quickly order my fireteam to shift back to the front fireteams as I clean up the flank.

    As bodies drop and stop moving in my sights. I order my fireteam to flank left into the complex while I stay at the hilltop to spot and engage stragglers.

    As the last body drops, the complex is ours... mission ends, and regular grunts will arrive shorty for their new guard duty assignments, while my SF team extracts for debrief.

    Mission successful... no casualties.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.



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