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Some cool Flash guns

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  • Some cool Flash guns

    Here are some cool Flash guns my friend Flakt made. Feedback appreciated.

    and an APC that I helped design

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    Re: Some cool Flash guns

    one more.


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      Re: Some cool Flash guns

      Not too shabby. The only problems that I can see is some dimension issues with the MP5K's foregrip being fat and the shotgun's shells being a little too thin and long. Other than that, they look pretty darn good to me.

      I assume they're in the cartoon-realism style like Madness, in which case they are pretty fitting.
      If some shadowing/highlights were added, they could work pretty well for a more 'realistic' (but still cartoony, of course) graphic style.


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        Re: Some cool Flash guns

        The thread title made me think you guys were talking about the core component of a lightsaber.

        For example:
        Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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