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Practical Examples in PR courses

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  • Practical Examples in PR courses

    After the infantry course today, I brought up my experience with the PR tournament courses and their focus on practical examples and was encouraged to make a thread about it here, so here goes.

    When I last played PR (.85), I participated in the PRT for a short while on the CATA side. During that time I took a few of the courses they were offering, and I felt like I got a lot out of them.
    The main thing that was focused on i these courses was to always try to apply what was being taught in a practical scenario so everyone could get some experience with it.
    Its quite a while ago, so I cant remember it all in details, but here is some of the scenarios that i remember doing:

    During the basic infantry course we would learn about formations, being sure that that squad had 360 degree view coverage while moving, etc. We would learn this while moving through korengal, trying it out at the same time.

    During the medic course we would learn how to get people unstuck from roofs, stairs, walls, etc by shooting someone in these situations and have everyone try to get them unstuck. We would also learn how to effectively smoke and direct the revivee to a safe spot. After trying this out a few times, we would have half the class be the enemy covering a dead body on the road, while the other half would work on covering the medic while he applied what he'd learnt about smoke etc. earlier

    During a light vehicle course, we learnt about the handling and capabilities of vehicles like techies and humvees by all getting into one and following the instructor through tiny mountain paths on korengal. Very nerve wracking.

    During the truck course, we would learn how to not flip a truck by driving through the very bumpy hills outside asad khal at full speed, trying to not flip the truck.

    And lastly from what I can remember in a bit more advanced infantry course we would learn about how to move through terrain as stealthily as possible and how to move in a way that kept you in cover as much of the time as possible.
    We tried out this in practice by having the studens assault a compound on the south end of Kozelsk without getting spotted by the instructors sitting in there and watching our angle of attack. This excercise especially was really fun and useful.

    So yea, there you have my experience with the CATA courses, I hope it was somewhat useful.

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    Re: Practical Examples in PR courses

    This is a concept I really like and think we should add to our current TG-U courses pratical examples and 'wargame' like simulations.

    the size and scope of this all depends on the server we have and how well it runs... and of course participation.




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