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    Re: TGU Instructor Application

    Forum name: Rageq3a better known as Rage
    Age: 58
    Time in TG: 5 months
    Military experience (yes/no): yes 2 years reg Navy, 6 years spec ops Norfolk Naval Weaps Station attached to Cinctlant Fleet
    Short statement: I'd like to be an instructor for PS2 infil/sniper classes. If you look at my stats :!/5...34802113/stats you'll see that out of the 47 days 8 hours and 28 minutes (as of right now) that I have played, 40% was as an infil/sniper. And of the 11,000 kills I have 3,300 were with the EM4 sniper rifle and 2,000 kills were with the cyclone/blitz smgs both mainly used for infil (recon) CQC. I routinely drop half a squad at 250-300m and I'd venture to say that's the main reason I'm above 1:1 on my overall KDR. I have an Auraxium (the highest medal you can get in PS2) in the EM4 (enough kills for almost 3 of them) and Cyclone and well on my way for one with the Blitz. I'd like to help the outfit with the various aspects of sniping such as positioning, ranging, scoping, tactics for both long range and CQC, breaching for CQC, logistics of sniping and CQC, etc. The skills the class learn can then be directly applied to other weaponry.
    Timezone: PST


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      Re: TGU Instructor Application

      Forum name: Toptonic - Butler
      Age: 19
      Time in TG: 3 years
      Military experience (yes/no): Yes. Currently serving in 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army.
      Short statement: After being a member here at TG and playing Arma 2 and now Arma 3 with these guys, I have plenty of ingame knowledge to share. On top of this, my real life tactical knowledge (from the US Army Ranger School) would surely be spread through formal organized classes and hasty informal classes. I want to teach people how to apply real military tactics (including SOF tactics) to the simulation, in order to get the most from their leadership and other players.
      Timezone: Eastern Time Zone, USA.

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        Re: TGU Instructor Application

        Forum name: Acreo_Aeneas
        Age: 28
        Time in TG: 8 Years
        Military experience (yes/no): No.

        Short statement:

        Battlefield 4

        I have a wealth of knowledge to share in Battlefield 4. Although I may not be the strongest in every kit and role, I feel I am fairly well rounded out to be able to add to my squad and team with whatever kit I pick up or use. With that said, my playstyle tends to be in a lead-from-the-front, constant analysis of the changing battlefield, and finding new, improved, and different approaches to ensuring a victory. I have years of experience leading squads in the BF series of games. I excel at close quarter battles, assault and medic roles, and engineering roles. I am above average in a support role and am adaquate in a sniper or recon role. I am in constant communication with my squad, ensuring they are where I need them to be, ensuring they have supplies, and moving the squad to where we can do the most good. I want to pass on my wealth of knowledge in the Battlefield series.

        World of Tanks

        Although there isn't any class requests yet for this, with the revival of World of Tanks here at TG and the influx of new players, I believe it is only a matter of time before there is such requests. I've been playing actively since 2011 and have been a pseudo-protege of LpBronco in the few years leading up to our revival of WoT at TG. I have spent several hours playing with and instructing some of the new tankers in our TG clan and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute, battle, victory, and loss. This is one game where situational awareness is key, tactics and strategy are a must, and platoon and team play needs to be there to ensure a victory. There is lot involved in playing your tank, not just shooting and moving, from angling of armor, properties of your particular tank, type of rounds you are using, relative performance of the enemy tanker you are facing, support from allies, and a host of other factors.

        With the time I have been at TG, I feel I have not contributed enough to the growing community. As of recently, I've been trying my best to ensure I can contribute back to this community where it has helped me grow as a player and as a person.

        Timezone: GMT -6 (Central Standard Time)

        Games Interested in Teaching In: Battlefield 4, World of Tanks
        |TG-18th| Acreo Aeneas
        TG World of Tanks Clan Executive Officer
        Former 9th & 13th

        Pronounciation: Eh-Cree-Oh Ah-Nay-Ess
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          Re: TGU Instructor Application

          Forum name:volvo13
          Time in TG:BF2142 in 09-10. 9 days back in WOT.
          Military experience (yes/no): no
          Short statement:

          I used to hate online games. I joined TG to play BF2142 and had a blast. I attended a couple of classes for new players and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I found playing on the TG servers with its mature, team based approach to be fantastic.

          Now that I'm back and TG is playing WOT again I want to return the favor. Based on personal experience I've found WOT lacking in basic information for new players. Since a clans goal is to retain potentially good players I'd like to help new recruits with some basics in WOT.

          I'm currently bouncing ideas off of LpBronco regarding at least 2 classes that I feel confident to teach newer, less skilled players. At this time since I am new to the tactics involved in team play, I am only looking to teach the basics. As I develop more Tactical experience, and change my solo player mindset, I'd be happy to expand the classes that I can teach.

          Currently I feel my 2 years of solo play can be best utilized to teach new players the following;

          1. Armor 101. An interactive class for maybe 4-6 players covering basic armor mechanics, armor angling, side scraping, hull down tactics, weakspots, and the importance of tracking. I'd like to get this down to a 30min session to maximize in game play time for myself and new players.

          2. Vision mechanics 101. An interactive class for 4-6 players that requires the use of the XVM mod. Students will learn the basics of vision mechanics, working with the enhanced mini map circles functions, and how to use bushes and trees (ie. Invisitanking). Again, hopefully another 30 minute maximum class.

          I will also assign homework. Students will be instructed to reinforce everything I teach them by watching Sir Havok's WOT University series.

          Technically as a new player to TG I look forward to not only sharing what knowledge I can (without teaching bad bad pubby selfish game play habits) but to also continue to grow into a much better player in my ongoing journey with WOT.

          Timezone:GMT -5 (eastern standard)

          Games interested in teaching: WOT


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            Re: TGU Instructor Application


            Well... I guess I'll throw in my hat... again.

            Forum name: Shoomfie
            Age: 5 years-ish
            Military experience (yes/no): no.
            Short statement: As a long-time ArmA player I've seen many (and I do mean MANY) ups and downs. As our community develops I've seen a growing need for both orientation for new eager players, and developing strong(er) leaders lead them. I'd like to once again be a part of creating a environment for players to improve their skills and enjoyment of their game.
            Timezone: GMT -7 (mountain standard time)

            Thank you for your consideration,
            [must find old banner on my machine now, filehost disbanded my old file... "dissatisfied-with-photobucket.jpoo"]

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              Re: TGU Instructor Application

              Reinstatement Request

              Forum name: LowSpeedHighDrag
              Age: Near retirement age for some
              Time in TG: I think 7?
              Military experience (yes/no): yes
              Short statement: I like home cooked meals.
              Timezone: GMT

              TGU Instructor TG Pathfinder

              Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

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                This process will include the Game Officer of each title and is best suited for Private Messages. PM myself or your Game Officer should you like to participate as an instructor. TGU Instructors will be those who are accepted to teach credit courses.

                We welcome TGU submissions for content from everyone!

                Closing this thread until further notice.
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