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    TO: All members/visitors
    FROM: Dean of Tactical Gamer University

    RE: TGU Content Re-Visited

    I wanted to let everyone know that TGU content is going through another change. It is a change in how content is created and disseminated. The model of offering in-game courses has not produced a lot of content even though we have a lot of exceptional players.

    Right now we are in the process of recreating content that will consist of shorter lessons or "drills" that can be done in game. First we are focusing on individual skills which is an area that we have fallen short in for a while. You must learn basic individual skills before you can be an effective team member. These drills are being developed and tested prior looking at building longer credit courses.

    The idea is to open our concept of how content can be effectively delivered before we settle on an over all format. If this appeals to you, please let your game officer know and get in touch with myself as well. Whether you are interested in collaborating on fresh TGU content or wish to be a full Instructor we are looking to expand our offerings for all titles here at TG.

    Just wanted to make sure everyone is aware that this change is happening behind the scenes now.

    Squad is currently developing Basic Infantry lessons and those specific to Squad Leadership with DisposableHero and KeithMann at the helm. ArmA is currently building small drills to use during events that are specific to the event. You will see much more coming in the next few months in both forum content, in-game content and YouTube. There will be Twitter and other social media cross over content as well.

    TGU is opening up. We need our members to help us.
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