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Squad SL Rotating Primer: "Someone" doesn't exist

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Squad SL Rotating Primer: "Someone" doesn't exist

    A friend of mine told me a story recently about his time in the military. During training, their team had a designated reference point for the phrase "someone should do that". That "someone" was a plastic, heavy, life-size dummy with a sign round its neck with the big red word: "someone". They carried this dummy with them throughout training. The purpose of this was to teach the candidates an important lesson. Whenever you think something should be done, and then put the responsibility to act on someone else, that someone is a plastic dummy.

    In short: the task will never be done right unless you take responsibility for it. This is a leadership course. Every TG community member is a leader.

    The purpose of this course is to have a discussion with TG community members about a method of Squad Leading (SL). That method is to assess the game, identify what tasks are needed to win, rank in order of necessity those tasks, and execute.

    The questions the course will seek to answer are:

    What major task should I do as an SL?
    How do I communicate with other SLs?
    How do I communicate with my squad?

    These are fundamental questions that will always be at play. The stated purpose of this course is to provide a method of squad leading, not to micromanage any given task. This course will NOT answer the questions: Where do I place a radio? How do I establish fire support? How should I defend an objective?

    But what tasks are needed to win? There are many answers to this question. With that in mind, and in the current Squad build, this course establishes the following as the hierarchy of tasks needed to win a round of Squad:

    1. Transport and Supply
    2. Radios with HABs
    3. Squad-level fire support
    4. Secure squads
    5. Assault squads

    The test for this task order is the following: In order for any task to be reliably successful over many games, the previous task must be successfully established. For example, in order to win a round of squad, you must have forward spawn points (HABs), and in order to have forward spawn points, you must have transport and supply. If this hierarchy of tasks fails this test, or another major tasks are shown to fit into this order, the list will be amended.

    After a directed group discussion about the proposed task ranking, changes will be applied to that ranking.

    Then, participants in this course will be presented with prepared scenarios and asked what to do as leaders. Finally, we will all go live on TG as leaders and play.

    DATE TBD following feedback.

    Stay together, communicate, don't give up.


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    I like it, can I be someone? ;)

    Leadership goes deeper than just following the squad leaders orders. Taking up a junior leadership position, which can be as little as taking charge of a buddyteam or leading a larger group in the SLs absence, is of great importance.

    I think it's great to step away from any meta like good fob placements and such. I think the reason why "bad fobs" exist is because poor communication between the SLs.

    It's also important to look at that tasklist and see what roles aren't filled yet. If there are two full infantry squads and an APC squad, then maybe I should create a logistics squad.

    You bring up many good points and I think that it would benefit TG squad as a whole and not just squadleaders.


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      Note to derail the thread, but a similar anecdote... Ever heard the phrase "When I get around to it?" Probably, right? Well, we came up with "A Round Tuit." It was a~50-60lb M1 tank road wheel with Round Tuit stenciled on it. Someone said those fateful words, they ended up getting "A Round Tuit" to lug around as an abject lesson in getting sheet done.


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        I love this idea Paine

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        "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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        No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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          I'm interested! Looking forward to the next update.




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