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    The scrim has come and gone, but one of the goals was to provide TGU Squads with an objective, let them practice it, and see how they make out as a squad.

    So, what was the objective you were given? How did you practice it? Were you successful? What was learned?

    Lucky Shot

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    Re: TGU Squads

    Unfortunately this didn't go as smoothly as planned for a coupld of reasons. (At least on the UKR side)

    First, the squad personal changed from map to map, so there wasn't really a persistant 6-man "TGU Squad" per se... that made it tough to get "everyone in the squad" together for a practice.

    Second, because of the question marks WRT the final roster, there were a few TBD members of each team right up until a few days before the match.

    Finally, because of the tight schedule between when tactics were finalized and when the scrim took place, we weren't able to find a time when all members could get on the private server for some practice.

    I did hold a TGU session Thursday night, but the only people to show up were CptCuervo, Baracuda_Magoo, and Troublesome4u :row__593: The session was targeted towards people slightly less familiar with how TG squads operate (;)), and only covered the nitty-gritty "need to know" tactics they may have been missing... or concepts that may be too veiled by the dense protocol in our SOPs:

    1. Fire Discipline
    • Hold Fire - Used when speed is paramount.. such as when reinforcing an ongoing firefight and you don't want to stop enroute for a strategically insignificant kill.
    • Return Fire Only - Used when stealth is paramount... such as when flanking slowly and avoiding contact - once you're discovered there's no point not shooting back.
    • Open Fire - uh.. yeah... click click click click

    2. Comms usage
    • Use VOIP to indicate direction and number of contacts
    • ALWAYS spot targets before engaging (where possible)

    3. Situational (Mini-map) Awareness
    • Anticipate direction and likelyhood of threat by knowing A) Which flags we hold and B) Bleed state
    • Eyes/Guns in all directions - know where your squadmates are and maintain good spacing to cover the most ground and eliminate as many blind spots as possible
    • Squad Leader waypoints. Be sure to understand how your SL operates. I use waypoints extensively and precisely during assaults and defences. (e.g. I'll put a move-here mark on the back of a building - go to that building, not just the general area.)

    4. Staying Alive
    • You're useless to your SL if you're dead so don't die... it makes them mad.
    • Engage "off-axis", as is taught in martial arts/boxing. Stat of the day: 100% of gunshot deaths are caused by someone shooting at you! After mastering point 3 above, you can position yourself on the map to avoid that deadly situation. Strive to shoot targets in the side/back - NOT in the face/chest. (i.e. generally, do NOT stand in a direct line between the enemy and their objective).
    • Always engage from cover. Have at least 1/2 your body behind a tree/rock/building so as to prevent any of your target's squadmates from engaging you and to provide you refuge when (not if) you take a bullet.
    • Be quick to retreat/disengage. NEVER fight "to the death"!! This isn't a dual, so be prepared to run away and get healed up!

    Thanks to you three guys for showing up... even if it was to cover things you already knew.


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      Re: TGU Squads

      Well said Whiskey! Excellent best practices and there were a couple of notes in there that I can see often get overlooked. You hit on a couple issues too that hopefully the next time around can get worked out. The TGU squads almost have to be assigned previous to the rest of the scrim being filled out.

      Lucky Shot


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        Re: TGU Squads

        It was even worse on the German side....both ABRA and I had to bail so there was no official TGU squad on our team.




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