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    This thread will act as a "showcase" for all upcoming events involving the TGU. Feel free to subscribe to this thread by clicking Thread Tools | Subscribe and choosing your subscription method. This thread is only for upcoming events/announcements, so please do not post in it. Post any questions/comments/signup requests in the appropriate linked thread.

    Instructors feel free to post up upcoming events you are hosting if I miss them.

    Here is the code for event posting:

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    Re: Upcoming Events/Announcements

    Name: PRM 0.4 Lesson - Signup Needed
    Date/Time: Saturday December 2nd. Roll call at 9PM EST Teamspeak
    Instructor(s): freekyE
    Topic(s): Modules 3 and 4 (Squad Maneuver and Advanced Squad Maneuver {fire teams})
    Server: Private Server:
    Password: tgu


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      Re: Upcoming Events/Announcements

      Name: PoE2 Lesson
      Date/Time: Saturday 16th 9PM
      Instructor(s): freekyE
      Topic(s): Credit will be earned toward your Expert Infantry badge
      Server: Private Server
      Password: tgu


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        Re: Upcoming Events/Announcements

        Name: 2142 Training Session
        Date/Time: 1/6/2007 at 7pm EST. Be in Teamspeak at 6:45 PM EST.
        Instructor(s): freekyE & Bommando
        Topic(s): TGU Modules 1-4, Assault Kit Training, (possible) Armor Training
        Server: BF2 Private Server (
        Password: To be given out in Teamspeak


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          Re: Upcoming Events/Announcements

          Name: Company of Heroes - TGU Event
          Date/Time: 1/17/2007 at 6pm EST
          Instructor(s): Evo
          Topic(s): This clinic will help teach the in's and out's of the game from team strategy to unit micromanagement. We'll be playing some games and reviewing replays to find out what works and what doesn't. This is the first in a weekly series of clinics to help build skills and strategy in Company of Heroes in an effort to expand the game here at TG and make teamplay more enjoyable and less frustrating.
          Server: On in Teamspeak


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            Re: Upcoming Events/Announcements

            Name: 2142 Training Session #2
            Date/Time: Feburary 16th @ 7:00PM EST
            Instructor(s): FreekyE, Acid, Dick Blonov, eGoatBoy, Sajier
            Topic(s): TGU Modules, the Recon kit, Manouvers and Formations, Armor
            Server: TBD
            Password: Given out in teamspeak


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              Re: Upcoming Events/Announcements

              Name: TGU PR 0.5 Rotary Wing (basic) Training
              Date/Time: Feburary 24, 2007 @ 1400 EST (2pm)
              Instructor(s): Whitetiger
              Topic(s): Helicopters
              • Getting started
              • Taking off and landing
              • Forward flight
              • Yaw, banking and co-ordinated turns
              • Flight exam
              • Flight tactics

              Server: TG BF2 Private Server, Students must be on Teamspeak




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