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Squad Leader Tactic: Initiative

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  • Squad Leader Tactic: Initiative

    Initiative \In*i"ti*a*tive\, n. [Cf. F. initiative.]
    An introductory step or movement; an act which originates or begins.

    On the battlefield, There are many factors that decide what happens. Initiative is a very importent one. Initiative in a battlefield sense is knowing where you enemy is and attacking them without them prepared for your direct engagement. This gives you a massive advantage if you use it correctly. If you lose the initiative you lost your best advantage in most cases.

    Gaining the initiative.
    To gain the initiative isn't that hard but sometimes it takes time. Becasue it takes so much time in some cases in BF series we just forget about it and rush in anyway and hope we come out on top. Sometimes that works. But if your SL is willing to take a step back and gain initiative. You just increased your chances of surviving and taking your objective. You SL needs to be aware of whats going on in the main front line. He needs to place a plan of attack with his squad that the enemy squad wouldn't exspect. The can be tricky sometimes IDSs and UAVs. Pulling through on Comm Tower from the north while the battle front is on the south, Capping the flag with fireing a shot feels good sometimes and they just lost thier foothold.

    Losing the initiative
    It is ten times easier to lose the initiative then to gain it. Once any one of your squad members in cohesion are spotted, You lost your initiative. The damage is never knowen. You don't know if that person relayed back any intel or was lonewolfing. But you as a SL need to act quickly. Move and take what little initiative you have left or find another route. Becons break initiative but also add a dynamic element to the game that we can't pass up. Since SL's shouldn't get themselves killed and pay pointman, Maybe that SL should my that becon to the other side of the flag and flank the other side while they are playing with ghosts on the other side. You jsut gained initiative with a squad becon.

    Again in these tactics it comes down to watching the big picture. Know whats going on around you. Initiative is for your SL alone to decide if he should use it or not. Sometimes all you can do is Zerg a flag becuse all flanks are covered or your in a defensive position. SL's, Just be aware of the combat elements at hand and use them to your advantage.
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