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General Tactic: Surroundings & Survival

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  • General Tactic: Surroundings & Survival

    This write up is based of BF series but goes for every combat game made

    It's come to a point where I have held my ground and waited for enemy squads to leave a flag while my whole squad has been wiped out. Although I'm alone and not the TG way, But my survival instinks kick in and I say to myself, "why should I suiside myself?"

    I hide. Be mindfull of whats around you. I use bushes, crates, open boxes, Train cars, and anything I can find. I don't want to die! Sometimes running into 8 enemey members is insane and just plain stupid. You might be a hero if you somehow take'em out with one chip in that 1 in 1000 chance. But I'd play me odds and survive and hope a IDS isn't close by. By giving the enemy squad the feeling of security, you now have a chance to do 3 things. Revive your dead SL, cap that flag yourself, or provide intel to your team. Sometimes you'll have to wait 2-5 minutes, But I have done it myself and capped one flag 8 times in a row with out one death or any help after my squad got killed off, I knew where they were and they had no clue where I was. I can be done!

    I would never frown upon someone alone trying to survive after his squad got got mowed by 3 HMG's.

    SL's: Don't revive when your SL just died 3 times and the same spot. Your stat padding someone! Watch whos around you. Get your squad together. Just because your not the SL doesn't mean you can't be when your SL is down and has no clue to whats going on. Direct your squad to clear the enemy or provide recovery fire to revive that SL.

    Vehicles: Yes you have armor, but it stinks. Sorry to tell you this shocking news. Tanks mostly are easy pray. They are slow, and very blind to whats going on around them. Again I come back to using crates, walls, and even other vehicles as cover. In BF physics, projectiles stop at walls and don't punch through. Thats your best armor right there. Take a shot, move back, take a shot, move back. I find it very hard to kill these tanks quickly only because now I have to and time my shots now and make myself a sitting duck focusing on this turd :p. 2nd note: resist the urge to kill whats shooting you. Small arms fire can't do anything to you. Don't focus on that one guy thats trying to distract you by poping his HMG on you. He's most likey Fehmart telling his engineer to flank you.

    NetBat: Make sure if you see a lonewolf to point it out. Just because it's on NetBat doesn't mean they are looking at it to. Do a quick report: "NetBat, Contact east". Again giving voice intel beats out all other intel. The same goes for CO's to. If you see a flanking squad. Highlight that defending squad and get on "v" key and let them know. You just increaned thier chance of surviving by double.

    Walkers: What kills you the most? If your me it be railguns. That becomes my focus when I'm in a area. I seen Lyra taking out by a friendly controled area and one guy sneakin in grabbing the railgun. It's also a good hinding spot because your harder to see. I take out all rainguns unless there is enemy armor in the area. Time your enemy's armor spawn. Know where it is at all times.

    That thought brings me to my last point.

    Your full overhead map: Hit tab to bring it up while out on the field. I love playing intel junkie for my squads. I'll let the SL know that our rear flag fell. If our squad is moveing in the same direction, I'll let him know that no one is attacking Church and everyone is at Office Ruins. Hey we are at junkyard and have a walker in our squad. I see a walker at East Docks moving south. I believe this map is one of the most under-used tools and needs some real looking over. Get to know whats going on everywhere! It helps you fortify your position and increasing your survival chances.
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