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Advanced Infantry (PR) AAR/feedback thread.

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  • Advanced Infantry (PR) AAR/feedback thread.

    Many thanks to all who showed up today. Please post your comments suggestions on how to improve this module. This was the first time it was run and I'm sure we can make it better.



    Video AAR coming up in a few days :)

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    Re: Advanced Infantry (PR) AAR/feedback thread.

    I thought that this class was excellent! Dick was a good teacher, answered all questions and provided some great insight into how the tactics being taught could be applied to in-game situations.

    What could be added to the course:

    ) OpFor - I know this was intended, but to have an opposing squad to try the tactics against would be extremely helpful. Hands-on learning is the best.
    ) Types of tactics/formations based on the terrain. With the larger maps of .7, moving effectively across distances with your squad will be of utmost importance. While a lot of the newer maps seem to be forest-based maps, maps like Jabal Al-Burj, EJOD, Al-Kufrah, etc. are not going away.
    ) I liked the topic of layered defense, and I think a whole class on defending terrain/CP could be devised. I *LOVE* defending a CP - one of my favorite roles.
    ) We briefly covered room clearing tactics. I think that this could become an entire course as well, especially if abstracted to area clearing/embedded defense.

    Again, an excellent class, and I look forward to more training courses.

    The real challenge ahead is getting a squad briefed on these tactics and applying them live during a game. Truly trial by fire, but I think that's why we enjoy the TG environment - because of the challenges we face every match and our determination to improve not only our game play but of those with us. Classes like this are really a "train-the-trainer" type class as we try to pass on what we've learned with our squad mates. It can only help improve the overall play on the TG servers.
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      Re: Advanced Infantry (PR) AAR/feedback thread.

      I found it! Anyway...I thought that the module was excellent, but I agree with Disposable in many of his points.

      Opfor, more specific modules, and more player count would obviously make the modules that much better. Not to say that I didnt learn or enjoy the previous one ;)

      Thanks for putting this on Blonov!



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        Re: Advanced Infantry (PR) AAR/feedback thread.

        This is starting to sound like the tactical minicamps.

        They end with live fire exercises using what was practiced, a mini-scrim of sorts. One side defends, the other attacks, we debrief and switch sides. Rinse and repeat :)


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          Re: Advanced Infantry (PR) AAR/feedback thread.

          Yes it was very good crash course in infantry and it explained alot for me that I have only read on paper and frankly did not understand correcly.

          I din't think there was anything missing from the content but like d1sp0 said having any enemy unit to test this against would have helped alot.

          I would off corse like to see more courses like how to work with a Tank (Infantry + Tank) or an APC etc.

          I would allso be nice to geta SL training where your tought how to comunicate properly with the Commander, call for choppers and air support and all that ingame know how.

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