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  • Advanced Squad Leader

    Advanced Squad Leader

    This class is to refine your basic skills in infantry to try to bring yourself to the next level in PR. It will cover some fairly normal infantry tactics, but most don't use them in game due to the time and effort it takes to perform these maneuvers correctly. If you learn them here, you will have less time wasted in the real server trying to learn these moves and formations under fire.

    This game can be very organized and tactical if you put the time in to learn positions and roles. This class is designed to teach that from what I know in PR from my experience here.

    Sign up here in the TGU forum only.

    This is just going to be me trying to pass on what little I know about PR, and the way I SL - not the end all be all class about infantry - seems to work for me so if you want to know what I do, please attend.

    DATE AND TIME: "DATE HAS CHANGED February 13, 2010 - 1900 CET / 1300 EST"

    Players will be required for TeamSpeak roll call in the TGU channel 20 minutes before the event.

    Reserves will be called from a reserve list if players on the roster are no shows.

    Module Name: Project Reality Advanced Squad Leader
    Prerequisite: Previous PR play, some attempts to squad lead in PR, desire to discuss movement formations in a mature environment
    Coordinator: TMAN

    What not to post:
    "What time will it be in my time zone?"
    Work it out. I posted 2 time zones for US and Euro members.
    "Are non-supporting members allowed to participate?" Yes. Priority for the roster is listed below.
    "Can you change the date?" No, the date is set.
    "I'm on the reserve list. How good are my chances of playing if I show up?" Decent. There'll inevitably be a few cancellations.

    Quick Event Information
    Date: "February 6, 2010 - 1900 CET / 1300 EST"
    Time: "1900 CET / 1300 EST"
    Be on Teamspeak By: "1840 CET"
    Estimated Duration:Plan for 2 hours, but I hope to keep it to just around 1 hour
    Server: Password Given in Teamspeak. TGU Training Server
    Module: "Advanced Squad Leader"
    Number of Participants: "12, 16 at the very most"

    Credit badge: Advanced Squad Leader

    How Spots Are Assigned:

    If there is more than a 12 person interest, TG supporting members will get priority. I will fill the roster based on that, bumping non-TG players / non-supporting members if the demand grows beyond 12. Priority will go to supporting members, TG members then the general public in that order.

    How to Sign Up

    Sign up in this thread.

    To sign up, please simply reply with the following items of information:
    1) In house squad (unaffiliated if none)
    2) Your in-game name.

    Please reply to this message with the above information if you wish to sign up.
    Players will be signed up on a first-come first-served basis.



    |TG-SC| Hablos




    Infantry – The Queen of Battle

    ” When you're short of everything but the enemy, you're in combat.”

    “Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.”
    - General MacArthur

    “If your attack is going too well, you have walked into an ambush.”
    - Infantry Journal

    “AIM towards the Enemy.”
    - Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher



    I. Introduction and Organization

    a. Formation of squads

    i. Starting the game right
    ii. Limitations when BLUEFOR vs. INSURGENTS
    iii. Roll out - Trucks and transport

    b. Position assignments for column movement

    i. Assignments
    ii. “Pairs of 2” assignment

    c. Description of duties in the column by position

    d. Squad Leader Markers

    i. Move
    ii. Observe
    iii. Assault
    iv. Defend
    v. Destroy
    vi. Build

    e. Point Man

    i. Rope
    ii. Observation
    iii. Selection of route
    iv. Reporting

    - Direction
    - Distance
    - High/Low
    - Type
    - Moving direction

    II. Column Movement

    a. Spacing

    i. Wooded Terrain
    ii. Desert
    iii. City Street Staggered Column
    iv. Importance of staying in position

    III. Movement to Contact

    a. Fire Base distance and placement from observed enemy
    b. Duties of assigned pairs after confirmed observation
    c. Supporting moves by rear PAIR in forming line

    i. Left
    ii. Right
    iii. Center

    IV. Transition to Line Formation

    a. Taking a firing position
    b. Position for Medic
    c. Massing fire on the enemy – base of fire
    d. Automatic Rifle covering fire
    e. Advancing PAIR 1 to eliminate enemy position

    V. Ammo

    a. Using ammo bags in combat
    b. Strategy for keeping heavy weapons supplied
    c. Pairing the ammo bag with the heavy weapon

    VI. Crossing Open Space

    a. Road, river and open area crossings
    b. Smoke
    c. Covering positions

    VII Building firebases in .9

    a. Fire Base distance and placement from observed enemy
    b. Using the radio
    b. Crates and trucks in .9
    d. Fixed Asset Changes in .9

    • Added new Foxholes with better construction and protection against artillery and high explosives
    • Added new Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) emplacements, limited to 3 placed at once
    • Increased the maximum number of Forward Outposts available from 4 to 6
    • Changed Forward Outposts build rules, they can now be built 200m apart (decrease from 300m)
    • Changed Forward Outposts build rules, they now only require one supply crate to build (decrease from 2)
    • Changed all deployable assets (HMG, AA, TOW, Foxhole, Wire) build rules, they now require two supply crates to build and can now be placed up to 200m from the Forward Outpost (increase from 150m)
    • Changed deployable asset maximum amount of assets deployable per map for a team (3 TOWs, 12 AAs, 24 HMGs). For AAs and HMGs is more than they can actually place, but still a limitation just in case it gets too much for the server to handle
    • Changed maximum amount of static defenses on a map (foxholes and/or razorwire) to be 100 to avoid any issue with server crashing
    VII. Other - Communications

    a. Engaging the commander
    b. Calling for resources
    c. In-squad communication resources (TS, mumble, in-game comms)

    VIII. Calling Artillery from the commander

    a. Using the binos
    b. Calling the shot in

    IX. Other .9 changes

    • Decreased number of players needed to be close to disable RP to one (used to be two)
    • Changed Rally Points, they now expire after 60 seconds from being placed.
    • Changed Rally Points, they now cannot be placed with a single enemy close (100m radius)
    • Changed Rally Points, they are now limited to only one placement before needing to be "rearmed"
    • Changed Rally Points, they now get "rearmed" by the Squad Leader getting close (within 20 meters) to a Forward Outpost, Command Post or Supply Depot

    X. Mechanized Infantry

    a. Kit selection and squad layout
    b. Movement
    c. Listening and Observation Mode
    d. Deployment of Infantry
    e. APC mission - transport / support
    f. Supply
    g. Healing with Medic


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    Re: Advanced Squad Leader

    The 15th



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      Re: Advanced Squad Leader

      I'd like to come along to this event to observe and to see if I can pick anything up if that's alright.

      Unaffiliated - except to myself cos I'm quite simply awesome


      If there's too many signing up then I'll happilly drop out
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        23rd ASTD



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          In-game nick: [FSG]Oskar Xfire: wrestlersesf


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                  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

                  BTW, could it possible to fix the server for PB kick in regards to the v1.5 BF2 Patch?




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                    A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

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                      OLD GUYS RULE!!!!

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                        You know I'm in for this, Queen of Battle FTW!
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                          Originally posted by DaViking View Post
                          The 15th

                          I am no longer able to attend. :'(


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                            Will the server run Pr.9?


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