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Basic Inf. Training and Conduct Classes

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  • Basic Inf. Training and Conduct Classes

    Hey buddy been trying to get here to this thread for a while. Ok, basic infantry sign me up granted I just want to have the ribbon, but it should prove to myself some merit as to helping newer players outside the classroom. I feel this would would be a good way for me to give back to the community, which has provided me with countless hours of fun! On that note just an Idea what are your thoughts on having more instructors? That would also be a class/responsibility I would be interested in as well, "In due time my friend!" Touching on the Conduct part, I was hoping to see some integration of proper conduct while in game. I understand the response that will come from this but my thoughts were to based on the Military ideas, Get them young. I would be more than happy to help out in anyway, ie planning courses ect. You know where to find me my friend:)

    Requested Training: Basic Training
    Time availability: Anytime

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    Re: Basic Inf. Training and Conduct Classes


    As I understand you these are two seperate "requests."

    1.) You want to give back to the TG community by becoming a TGU instructor. This is admirable. However, I will defer to LowSpeed on the recruitment issue.

    2.) You are looking for TGU to teach a sort of "basic training" course that includes both a.) weapons/tactics, and b.) TG mindset/Conduct. How to conduct yourself on TG servers. We do not currently have a class that does the "conduct" area which I believe you have in mind. Nor is there is no current plan to make a course for that. It is something for TGU to consider though. We do have basic infantry training, covering basic rifleman tactics.

    Low Speed, leaving this open for your input/reponse, as at least the recruitment/point 1 is above my pay grade.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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