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    The classes I would like to request are.

    -ACE BASICS-Whats in ACE and how to use it. (Including Medic)
    -ACRE BASICS-Communications in direct and on radio, and how to use the radio controls.
    -RADIO PROCEDURES-What to say on the radio, how to say it, and when to say it.

    Lately we have been getting a lot of new players. And it would be good if we could show these new players (Also some of us) how we like to play missions here in ArmA. It would give them a boost in confidence playing here because they will have experience and it will enhance gameplay because everyone will know what they're doing.

    If this class gets formed and alot of people sign up and you need a second teacher/assistant teacher with you, I would like to consider myself experienced enough to volunteer for the second teacher/assistant teacher role. I would like to contribute to TG besides being a supporting member. Thankyou for reading.
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    Re: Class request

    No worries Benson,

    We will look into running these classes fairly soon.

    Keep an eye out.

    Thanks for the request.

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      Re: Class request

      I second Benson, I am one of those new players and don't really know anything about how to use the ACE Mod or ACRE Radios, including proper speech through radio.

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        Re: Class request

        Good news gents!

        Check ArmA General forum. ACRE, and Signals course posted for this week!

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