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  • Arma3 Mission Development

    Someone told me me this class already exists.

    Let me know via post or PM.



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    Re: Arma3 Mission Development

    I am pretty sure this question was already answered, however for the future, you can reference these.

    Video Tutorials by Unkl

    Helpful Links for Mission Makers

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      Re: Arma3 Mission Development

      Really want to do this as a small class but the how to is the prob. Sharing the editor screen is tough. If there is a couple people interested in basics we can do this next week as a trial.
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        Re: Arma3 Mission Development

        Solo has "GoToMeeting" if that helps . . .can host up to 25 at a time . . . then give "control" to Unkl and he can walk us through it. . . .can be done on VoIP or on Phone (it's all part of the deal). Lag is the only issue as the screen refresh element of GTM is not super fast (but pretty good if you don't move too fast).

        I use it for business and already pay for it, figure why not spread the love and use it here as well.

        Let me know via PM and we'll see how it could work.

        Solo . . . . Out


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          Re: Arma3 Mission Development

          Isn't streaming just a lot easier
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            Re: Arma3 Mission Development

            To stream or not to stream . . . that is the question . . weather it is nobler to use the stream or to use GoToMeeting . . . or suffer the slings and arrows (and tea bags) of some of our distinguished players . . . . . blah blah . . . . lol

            Unkl - I'm up for however you want to try it. Learning some mission dev stuf in a classroom setting sound killer . . . . your call.

            Let me know when.




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