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  • Basic Leadership Course - TTP - Communication

    Relevance to Game: [All Titles]
    Relevance to TGU Course: Basic Leadership Course
    Type of Lesson: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)
    Lesson Title: Communication

    This is a list of Prowords that we use in radio communications. The meaning of the term "Proword" is not because we sound like pros when we use them! Proword stands for "Procedure Word".

    You can say a lot of things in a very condensed manner using these words. You can get on the "net" and get your message sent and then clear the net much more quickly than without these.

    One of the things that holds up a team is the pace of the game is dictated sometimes by the pace the leadership can coordinate. Knowing and using these specific procedures are not required to join in our games but it sure can help.

    Here is a bit of a quote from an old post here at we all used to know as "Zedic's Radio Procedure",
    "ABCs of Communications

    Now were actually into the real information. The following are the ABC's of Communication.

    ACCURACY: It pays to be sure of what your saying. Don't be the fool stuck correcting himself 20 + times just to get a single message out. Always double check your grids. TAKE THE TIME TO THINK OF WHAT TO SAY, DON'T JUST SAY IT! DON'T BE THAT GUY!

    BREVITY: No one likes a Chatty Cathy, keep your Traffic brief and to the point. Avoid long winded answers or requests. Again, as stated before, TAKE THE TIME TO THINK OF WHAT TO SAY! CUT THE CRAP OUT, AND GET THE BARE MINIMUM NEEDED FOR THE RECEIVING CALLSIGN TO GET THE MESSAGE!

    CLARITY: Now this one is difficult because of Teamspeak, computers, people from all over the world etc. HOWEVER, as best as you can, be clear on what your trying to say. Put the coffee down, take the smoke out, if your dipping spit before you talk, and if English is not your first language then slow down what your saying and speak up.

    c. Information Filtering

    This point should be straight and forward. Do not send irrelevant information. If you notice a "FRIENDLY SQUAD" on the Objective, DO NOT call it in. Everyone should know its there. Of course tell your squad mates, however do not send that to the 'Commanding Officer'. Be very careful of what you send. The more YOU talk, the less people can hear, and then people get killed cause you wanted to mention how Daddy killed the cat for new Violin strings.

    Turn on the filter in your brain. IF, you do not have one here is the solution....DON'T SQUAD LEAD OR COMMAND. Thank you."

    That last line is kinda nasty no? Well, we want to encourage new leaders to step up. Experienced leaders will help out and the filter is learned. However, we have all experienced those games where you can't think because there is so much radio traffic in your ear. You can't hear footsteps or approaching know....threats!

    These prowords keep your team's situational awareness at a maximum. Use a new on this week and another next week. You will not be disappointed.
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