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One Set of Torturers and Thugs Replaced by Another

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  • One Set of Torturers and Thugs Replaced by Another

    The WikiLeaks phenomenon is confirming what many suspected, we did not install democracy in Iraq. The US just put in place another group of thugs who brutalize the population.
    "now there is chapter and verse, from ringside seats, on the systematic use of torture by the Iraqi government that the US installed in Saddam's place. The worst practices of Saddam's regime did not apparently die with him, and whereas numerous logs show members of the coalition making genuine attempts to stop torture in Iraqi custody, it is clear their efforts were both patchy and half-hearted. In the worst incidents, one can only reasonably conclude that one set of torturers and thugs has been replaced by another."
    -- The Guardian

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    Re: One Set of Torturers and Thugs Replaced by Another

    I don't really think we can modernize a nation unwilling and unready to modernize. Nothing against Iraq but they simply do not have the resources and are not in a position to change. We can try to instill 'democracy' but until they can actually have an entire nation of educated individuals they cannot grow as a nation. To me it's not our fault if they torture. I say leave them. It sucks that you can't save everyone in the world but sometimes pushing them only makes the situation worse.

    This also wouldn't be the first time that we've replaced one evil with another. Saddam was put into power in the first place by us.




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