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Are US Troops Being Overmedicated?

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  • Are US Troops Being Overmedicated?

    Good article in the New York Times yesterday.

    For Some Troops, Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results

    By some estimates, well over 300,000 troops have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan with P.T.S.D., depression, traumatic brain injury or some combination of those. The Pentagon has looked to pharmacology to treat those complex problems, following the lead of civilian medicine. As a result, psychiatric drugs have been used more widely across the military than in any previous war.

    But those medications, along with narcotic painkillers, are being increasingly linked to a rising tide of other problems, among them drug dependency, suicide and fatal accidents sometimes from the interaction of the drugs themselves. An Army report on suicide released last year documented the problem, saying one-third of the force was on at least one prescription medication.
    My basic thought is that the US military is overstretched, suffering from years of prolonged deployments, PTSD and injuries. The only way the military command can keep most of these guys going when they're in theater is to prescribe medication, and sometimes too much of it.

    I think these soldiers are just dealing with their issues the best way they can, and who am I to say they shouldn't be given medication to ease their pain. It's up to the medical professionals in the military to prescribe the right drugs, monitor their patients, and make sure the dosages are what they should be.

    Better yet, let's just bring them all home so we can start concentrating solely on treating their injuries, illnesses, and overall health.
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