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The Power of Nazi Propaganda

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  • The Power of Nazi Propaganda

    First of all, I'm not comparing any group or political organization to the Nazis.

    From Reason TV:

    I look at it like this: Political organizations are going to use tactics that are proven to have worked. Obviously, there's no mainstream political group that can be compared to the Nazi's, but there are similarities in the way that media is used today and how it was used by the Nazi Party.

    There's a Bible verse that sums it up:

    Ecclesiastes 1:9

    9 What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
    Anyone see anything today that mimics the Nazi era propaganda?
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    Re: The Power of Nazi Propaganda

    The converse of that is that there is no uniquely "Nazi" propaganda and they only utilized recognizable and tested methods in executing group-think.


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      Re: The Power of Nazi Propaganda

      Having studied academically Communications at an A Level (the grades which you need three of to get to university), whilst studying Journalism, in which Propaganda and Media are a key part of, we were taught it was the Nazi party that refined the art, to what we see today, and are often quoted and refered to.

      They were in effect the modern catalyst for most things you see in advertising and media today. Of course, it also includes Governments and people, and how they use idea and thoughts on an everyday level. Therefore, note that how to ensure what people think is of course in Communications and by proxy Media. Again, this art was perfected by the Nazi party, first - and is the modern template in all what you see today.

      As an aside, Group thought and its behaviour and dynamics, Mantra, Persuasion, Agenda, Truth, Individual thought and behaviour, and so aspects of Psychology, Anthropology and thus primate, human and social Behaviour are also part of Communications, to name a few. Electronic communications (Extra-verbal Communication) is one category in Communications. As is Inter-verbal Communication (one to one communication), Small Group Communication, Large Group Communication, Intra-verbal Communication (within one's self) and Mass Communication, in Communications. Of course these are only categories - the art is within them and their applied cross-over.
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        Re: The Power of Nazi Propaganda

        Originally posted by Taip3n View Post
        They were in effect the modern catalyst for most things you see in advertising and media today.
        Are you saying that the Nazis can take credit for the GEICO Commercials that we see today.??

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          Re: The Power of Nazi Propaganda

          The tools and methods used by today's advertisers were first perfected by the Nazi party. Of course, they have been refined and the industry of Media and Communications, and it's study has grown since. Note, that as its industry has increased Government also have refined and applied its use, often employing Media.

          I would therefore argue that the social values and beliefs of many within this community, for example, are as of a direct result of its employment - and is as a consequence of a direct desire by those that would want it so. I see it all the time.

          Communications also deals with the individual within small group and mass dynamics, and a consequence of the interplay between them.

          Since I do not know the commercials you speak of, nor never met him, I do not know if Joseph Goebbels would say they were good or want to have his name in credit by them. I do know he is credited as the daddy and mastermind of and in Communications since he was in charge of it in the Nazi Party. And in Communications books he is credited with the popular phrase "If you tell them a lie, tell them a big one - and if you tell them often enough they will believe it", when they talk of some aspects of what Communications is.
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